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Our New Sheriff Elect

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 From A Wife's Point of View....by Jeanette Wansley

When my husband mentioned that he was seriously thinking about running in the Republican Primary for Sheriff of Wood County, I was not surprised. He has been in law enforcement ever since I have known him and I know that is his second love, only because he says that I'm his first. He would not consider this race unless I was in agreement with him. I did not immediately say I was in agreement and asked that he give me a day or so to think about it. A commitment of this nature takes total agreement between a husband and wife because of time, money, and energy necessary to go the distance. After giving it much thought, and prayer, I agreed and told him that I thought this was not only right but that it was what he needed to do for the County and himself. I told him he needed to show the citizens of Wood County that the Sheriff's Department can be run in an efficient, effective, and harmonious way and I was willing to help.

Shortly after he made his announcement and filed as a candidate, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He immediately wanted to drop out of the race, but I assured him that I did not want him to make that decision and I wanted him to continue. We were in this together and together we would handle both, the cancer and the race. I am now cancer free and looking forward to a long and healthy life.

A political race is not a one-man show. It takes an entire family along with those friends we consider our "extended" family. For those that know me personally know I can stand before an audience of many and sing without hesitation. However, when it comes to one-on-one with a stranger and asking them for anything, even their vote, it is a difficult personal task. Because of my belief in my husband's ability, honesty, fairness, and ethics I knew I could do it for him. A race of this nature becomes a very personal affair. It takes your time, your money, your thoughts and every ounce of energy you can possibly muster. The wife is the encourager, the cheerleader, the secretary, the sounding-board, the errand runner, and oft times the chauffer.

There are so many things that are involved in a political race. There are the parades, and you must have a float, a decorated vehicle, or at least one that advertises why you are in the parade; again, the wife's assistance is needed. There are Chamber of Commerce banquets to attend; social clubs to visit, forums where you never know what will be asked, and then of course, the personal knocking on doors. Not to mention you need to try to "look your best" at all times.

I am tired and ready to rest and get our lives back to some normalcy; however, I'd do it all over again. It brings a husband and wife closer and stronger together knowing that although tired, we can still laugh, love, and look forward to the future together.

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