Letters to Editor


 Letter to the editor:

I read with shock and surprise John Sparks's story that the Hawkins ISD trustees did not extend the contract of HISD Superintendent Dan Rose. I could not believe the trustees would do something so stupid. When I read Mr. Sparks's editorial, I saw that he agreed with me.

Mr. Rose, who has done so much good for the Hawkins school district, deserves better than this. The kids, teachers and the voters all deserve better than thisfrom the board. In Mr. Sparks's editorial he says it is bon voyage for Mr. Rose, but not for me. I'm staying and I'm keeping Mr. Sparks's story which tells who voted to not extend Mr. Rose's contract. It will give me much joy and pleasure to vote against these four if they ever run for anything in Hawkins again.

 Frank Hicks


We would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend the B board for their representation of the homeowners regarding the nine- hole golf course. It is unimaginable how many hours have gone into this issue alone by all four members. It appears they have thoroughly read and assimilated every detail in proposals and contracts that have been presented to them. The importance of this attention to detail cannot be overstated in warding off future problems. YOU ARE SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

 Dick and Margo Strauss



Silverleaf Resorts, Inc., Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Robert E. Mead sends a message to HLR "...Silverleaf will not consider relinquishing control of the operation of HLR to the Property Owners."

Did anyone take the time to read the Summary of meeting of the HLRA Board of Directors on January 29, 2008 in the February 16, 2008 Gazette? This was a joint meeting with the "A" Board. Since the summary took up the better part of two pages, I am guessing a lot of you may have skipped over it but if you are concerned about the future of Holly Lake Ranch and more importantly our Association you should take the time to read the Summary.

Let me highlight a few areas I am concerned about........
Summary Item XX Answer to Annual Meeting Question Concerning the Developer [Silverleaf]

At the end of last year at our Annual Association Meeting a question was posed to Bob Levy, Silverleaf representative, and President of the HLRA Board, from the floor.... "is their a proposed timeline that the developer [Silverleaf] would turn over the control of the Association to the Property Owners?"......... Mr. Levy checked on this with Mr. Mead [Silverleaf] and he offered the following response at the January 29 meeting...... "as long as Silverleaf has an investment here, at Holly Lake Ranch (HLR), Silverleaf will not consider relinquishing control of the operation of HLR to the Property Owners." [Emphasis mine] I guess you could make a case for saying we have a misunderstanding of wording here, operation vs. Association, but I doubt it.....read on....

Summary Item XXI By-Law Change Recommendation
For those of you who thought that the issue of the use of Association funds in excess of $100,000 must be voted on by the residents was a "done deal"...... think again. At the above-mentioned meeting, the "B" Board recommended that the "A" and "B" Board vote FOR this addition to the Association By-Laws. BOTTOM LINE...... "A" Board, vote five (5) -against... "B" Board, vote four (4) -for (in favor) . Reason given by Mr. Levy for voting against this addition to the By-Laws....."as Chief Operating Officer and President of the Board [HLRA], it is felt that there is not a need to change the By-Laws."

Summary Item XXII 9-Hole Golf Course Agreement Discussion.
This is too lengthy to discuss here but in simple terms Silverleaf is asking our "B" Board to sign a contract, on the behalf of the Association, filled with many loopholes that favor Silverleaf and call for some HLR Association funds to be spent on capital items. To the "B" Boards credit they are standing fast and want Silverleaf to rework the proposal and resubmit.

All this sounds serious and I think we should be concerned. What this says to me, among other things, is that anytime Silverleaf wants to impose any capital expenditure for HLR all they need to do is propose it at an "A" and "B" Board Meeting, vote on it, pass it 5 to 4 and we are left holding the bag.



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