Responding to "feedback" from readers


Recently a reader got so excited about 5 words in one of my Editorials that they unlawfully hauled one of my newspaper dispensers over to my home on the Ranch where it was dumped in my driveway. My response was to call and report it to the Sheriff's department. I also moved that dispenser to another location. Wow, 5 little words caused all of that. Anybody want to guess what those 5 words of mine were? You might even suggest that a letter to the editor would be a more rational response. By the way, that's what the Sheriff told me. Good advice.

I guess the good thing is that at least people are reading my editorials in the Gazette and hopefully a more "rational response" will be the norm in the future.

I got a call after the last paper from the national office of David Beard's Catfish King telling me what I had already found out, that the giant new restaurant going in on FM 2869 was not theirs. At least 50 or 60 people, including me, had egg on their face. I was happy that no one hauled another dispenser to my yard. Later another caller told me that he was the new owner of the project and that he would name the new 140 seat establishment "Horseapple Creek" and it would serve catfish. He said it would be much like a Catfish King or a Catfish Village. Sounded like a nice guy.

How many of you are "sick and tired" of being carried up and down the hill in a golf cart, to and from the Fore Seasons? There are 3 tips involved. One up, one down and one inside. Then there is paying the kid to drive and wearing out a cart. Brilliant!!! John, please do something quick!!! We are watching and will report back later. Rocket Science.

Another thing. What are the hours of the Fore Seasons/19th Hole, and where can one find them? Seems like we are changing every week or so, or is this my imagination? W.C.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 April 2009 14:52