Harmony ISD Trustees


Athletic trainer pact OK'd; 79% of graduates in college

 Meeting in regular session, Monday, February 18, the board of trustees of the Harmony Independent School District approved the renewal of an the athletic trainer agreement with Trinity Mother Frances and heard a report from Superintendent Jed Whitaker that 79 percent of Harmony's 2007 graduating class are now enrolled in college. Trustees also heard an update on the elementary school.

Trustees approved the renewal of an agreement whereby Trinity Mother Frances provides the school's athletic department with a full time graduate trainer. While the cost of the program has increased from $7,200 this year to $8,800 next year, trustees agreed that it is well worth the cost to have a trainer on site and access to the many orthopedic and other health resources at TMF.

Whitaker advised trustees that 79 percent of the graduating class of 2007 are currently enrolled in college compared with 54 percent state-wide. He had reported earlier that scholarship dollars are at an all-time high for the school's graduating seniors this year.

"Students First" is the motto of the James Poole Elementary School according to Cara Rendon, Principal. And, based upon the record of achievement on the TAKS test, it is a motto that is working with the school scoring "Exemplary" three out of the last four years-2004, 2006 and 2007 (2005 was the year that the test was made more difficult and no ratings were issued by the state). Rendon said Poole students were UIL district champions or runners-up each year for the past four years as well. She credits staff and the availability of computer lab and smart boards for all students in grades K through 3 for enhanced learning and high achievement.

As with most of the facilities and staff, the elementary school is virtually full with 64 students in both second and third grades, Rendon said.

Trustees approved two-year contracts for five administrators.

The 2008-2009 calendar was approved with instruction beginning Monday, August 25, 2008 and ending June 4, 2009. Spring break will be March 16-20. Whitaker reported the loss of one special education aide and one technology aide. He also advised trustees of the likely need to add a teacher at the second grade level next year as well as one at the junior high level.

The next regular meeting of the Harmony ISD Board of Trustees will be Thursday, March 13. This is a change from the normal meeting date of the third Monday of each month to accommodate spring break. A special meeting can be called with 72-hours notice.

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