Hawkins City Council


Water Tower painting underway;Debris strewn lots to be cleaned

 Meeting in regular session, Monday, February 18, the Hawkins City Council noted the obvious progress on the water tower re-painting/restoration project, and resolved to move forward on steps to clear three code violation situations. The council also took no action on Mayor Sam Bradley's suggestion to extend hours at the Hawkins City Park.

It was nearly an hour before the council addressed the first official agenda item as an improptu discussion of three eyesore situations involving city code violations ensued. Council members expressed frustration about the lack of progress in cleaning up debris and weeds on two empty lots on Buleah Street (south of the Family Dollar Store and north of Fred's. The discussion resulted in giving instructions to Code Enforcement Officer Johnny Jones and Police Chief Ron Voda to move forward immediately with enforcement procedures. Jones was also told to proceed with his efforts to have an abandoned and deteriorating trailer home removed from a lot on West Blackburn.

The sandblasting of the interior and exterior of the water tower is well underway. The work also involves minor repairing and/or replacing steel parts, interior coating application and new white paint on the exterior. The specifications also call for deep blue lettering-"HAWKINS HAWKS"-six feet in height on two sides. Mayor Sam Bradley also reported that two six-foot Hawks, the school's mascot, would be applied in blue. Work on the water tower is expected to be completed in 90-days.

Precautions have been taken during the "down time" for the water tower, including pumps and spare pressure valves to maintain flow. In addition, an emergency 20,000 gallon tank of water to be used for firefighting by the Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department has been provided. compliments of Ozarka. The local plant of the Spring Water firm has also advised the city it would provide emergency drinking water for city residents if necessary.

Bradley also initiated discussion of extending hours for the City Park and for the Youth Sports Park. The consensus among council members was that the current hours of operation were serving residents quite well. Hours can be extended for any special events or activities on a case by case basis.

The council approved an interlocal agreement with Wood County for emergencies services coordination at a cost of $2,136 to the city.

Mayor Bradley also had placed an item on the agenda regarding needed sewer improvements on a line along U.S. 80 and on Scenic Loop. Councilmen pointed out the two sewer lines are not a part of the next planned rework project scheduled for this year (for which the city received a state grant) and will have to wait until next year. The estimated cost of the project is $800,000.

Police Chief Voda said the officers of the department will report any street light outages and also make recommendations regarding the need for additional new street lights in the city.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hawkins City Council is scheduled for Monday, March 17 at 6 p.m. A special meeting of the council can be called with 72 hours public notice.

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