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Letters to Editor

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It was brought to our attention that the overhead water tank needed to be repainted for the past few years. It has several rusty pits but so far none has rusted through the surface. To do this job, we must put our overhead water tower out of service for several weeks. We started on this job last week and have drained the water tower. This job should be finished in about 45 working days, 9 weeks. But should we have a lot of inclement weather, it could require more time. Hopefully, no more than 90 days, three months.

I am requesting that during this period of time that all of us conserve as much water as we possible can, by no outside watering except for our gardens, nor any outside burning except for cooking, and only sponge washing of our vehicles.

If we will all cooperate, this can be done with only a minimum of inconveniences.

Sam Bradley, Mayor, Hawkins


Third Best Potato-Ham Soup on Planet Earth

On opening day at the 19th Hole the potato/ham soup was, in a word, souper.

It may have been the 3rd best I have ever tasted, which seems like a left handed compliment unless you compare it in context.

My mother made the best potato soup I had ever tasted, but she's been cooking for angels up in heaven for the past some 18 years.

Then my wife, child bride Roza, picked up where mom left off and makes the second best potato soup I have ever tasted until now when Melissa Sudik's latest rendition comes in as a solid third best potato/ham soup I have ever tasted. (And the price is right too)

(Sorry, Melissa, but you were up against some really stiff competition, and it could be I'm prejudiced)

Congratulations to you and John Livingston on your new venture.

Your hard work and efforts are self evident in the New 19th Hole and New Fore Seasons Restaurants.

It looks really Grrrrrrrrrrrr-eat.

We can't wait to see what else you have ‘cooked up' for the 2008 Valentine's Party Thursday night at the New Fore Seasons.

Atta-Boy and Atta-Girl.

Keep up the good work.

Bon Voyage and Bon Appetite.

Marv Myers

If you don't believe me, check with Sven Sterner, John Sparks and John Livingston who also participated in the same taste test.


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