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Message from HL GM, Rob James:

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After a meeting with the "B" Board and the General Manager, John Livingston and Melissa Sudik have requested that the $20/$12/$6 food assessment not be implemented as planned. Not only was the cost of the software excessive considering the possible short duration, but it is also John and Melissa contention that the food and service will speak for itself and that property owners will support the restaurant even without an assessment.

By not implementing the assessment, the Board and the operators believe it will greatly reduce the negativity associated with the proposed assessment and even build good will with the membership. This is a BOLD move on the part of John and Melissa and they realize that their product must be outstanding in order to succeed. The "B" Board and the General Manager are very confident that John and Melissa will fulfill their obligation of quality food and service and it is our hope that each of you will give them the opportunity to impress you.

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