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The 2008 Picture for Eating Out in Our Area.

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 As it now stands, we have these16 choices for our dining pleasure:

1. Fore Seasons 2. 19th Hole 3. MoJo's 4. Ed's Place
5. Urban Eats 6. Subway 7. Box Car Bar-B-Que 8. Lone Star Pizza 9. Tele's 10. Pine Mills Catfish 11. New Canton Catfish Place 12. Chevron 13. Fish Hawk/Little Italy?? 14. Sonic
15. Jewel's (old Petty's) 16. Jarvis on Sunday's I have probably missed a few but I know you will tell me if I have. Of the 16 mentioned above, only Tele's and Pine Mills require some driving, but not much.

What is my point? I am trying to make it clear to you how great those two people are that are taking over our Fore Seasons. Even with all of this competition they said "no thanks" to our offer of a forced food credit program. They said "we can make it on our own" without the plan to provide bodies at the door. I think we should all kiss both of them the next time we see them.

Think about this folks. They are promising to make the most demanding people, probably in the country, happy on a regular basis. You can come only if you choose to. Then, if you like the service, the prices and the food you may return. In addition, you don't have to drive very far to get this great deal. Remember the $3 gasoline and the cost of driving to Tyler or even Wil Ful Crossing. I am told they will even deliver, at no extra cost, on the Ranch. Wow!


Also, don't miss Peter Craine's ad on page B 10 as he has some important things to say about the Fore Seasons and what it means to the Ranch and the area. Mr. Craine is the current president of the Holly Lake Chamber of Commerce. W.C.

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