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Living up to our obligations.

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 February 2, 2008

   Remember back there when you first purchased property at Holly Lake Ranch and you signed up as a member of our Homeowner's Association? Yes I said signed! By affixing your signature you gave your word that you would be a part of this Association and would abide by it's ByLaws, rules and its votes.

I am saddened by the talk by some that they won't abide by the vote of their fellow members concerning the food assessment levied by our "B"Board. Those are your neighbors that you are going to be violating. Some are saying they will pay only $6 and if that is not accepted, they will turn in their gate card and stop paying all dues. How can you look your neighbors in the eye?

In the old days only 300 or so bothered to vote in Ranch elections. The past 3 years of elections have had twice that number show up to vote and they have voted in the majority for the $20/12 food assessment to be levied. Not $6 or to let everyone decide how much they want to pay, but $20/12. The people (your neighbors) have voted.

I know that a previous Board saddled us with this problem without a proper vote, but we can't re-write history. We have discussed, at length, and voted not to close the Fore Seasons but rather to proceed together as fellow members. We have honorably agreed to be a part of this Holly Lake Ranch Association and we should be willing to live up to that obligation. W.C.

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