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I am sick about Romo and the Cowboys!

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The reason is that even with 13 wins and no fumbled snap on a winning field goal attempt, the end result is the same. NO PLAY OFF WIN SINCE 1996!!! How will Jerry sell those new stadium seats? Oh well.

We have more important things to talk and think about, namely the famous Fore Seasons Restaurant of Holly Lake Ranch. Work was begun on Monday, the 14th, that will enable more efficient use of the kitchen area and it involves a wall being removed.

The two 3rd party contractors (see last Gazette front page story) are taking a great risk by purchasing the Fore Seasons (business only- not property) by putting their money on the line for salaries, food and other costs. The Association will not charge them rent and will temporarily absorb the $2,000 per month utility bill (graduated schedule through year one) in an effort to help them achieve a level of success.

The mandatory food credit, collected by the Association, will get people through the door . The new owners would have no hope for success without the food credits.

They will then bill the Association for the "credits" they take from the people using them. The food credit money not used, and thus not billed back, will be kept by the Association to go into the main account to help pay the restaurant bank notes.

So those of you who don't use your food credits will help our association even more since your money would represent 100% profit. You must use them within 30 days or they expire.

People may, however, pay the $20 credit for a year in advance ($240) and the credits would last all year, which is a clear advantage. The Board will review the food credit policy every 6 months but I expect them to be around for a long time. W.C.

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