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What does 2008 Bring?

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 I have a strange feeling that the coming year just might hold some startling new things for our area. But then I am an Optimist. The glass is half full and not half empty.

Do I know something? No, it's just a feeling.

The Fore Seasons restaurant (the R word) appears to be on the road to better times, if one reads the announcement on page one. The homeowners voted to impose a mandatory $20/$12 food credit that will begin in February with that month's dues payment. That means that we all will be required to go through the front door and spend a little bit at the Fore Seasons, once a month.

The pressure will then be on the new management (owners) to make that experience a good one in 3 ways. Service, food quality and price. If we like it, we just might come more than once per month, and that would be a good thing.

We still need a drive up entrance w/ turn around that would permit one to drive up and drop off at the door, and also more parking for those large catered events. These things can be worked on. The Board has worked hard on this problem and they are to be commended for doing what the people voted to do. By the way, the voting percentages (numbers voting) were among the highest in the history of the Ranch. W.C.

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