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Hawkins to host

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This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, February 17 and 18, Hawkins City Park will be transformed back to the 1840's as contestants gather for the first annual "Vick Russell Knife & Tomahawk Throw."That's right...a knife and tomahawk throw. The throw has been organized by Vicki Russell Prestridge, Hawkins, for both professional and amateur throwers. The competition will also be open to a junior division for those under 16. Cash prizes will be awarded in the pro divisions for both men and women. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded.

Assisting Prestridge with details of the competition is Dale Tate, a professional custom knife and tomahawk maker and seller who is a Hawkins native. Tate splits his time between Hawkins and Colorado. He is a member of the International Knife Throw Hall of Fame.

The "transformation?" All contestants must wear clothing that is similar to that worn by pre-civil war pioneers who settled much of Texas and the West. Prestridge suggests those who come to watch the competition bring cameras.

Knives used in the competition must fit strict specifications. First they must be of primitive style with one edge sharpened. Handles must be of natural materials (leather, wood, bone, antler or rawhide. Blade cannot be over 2-½ inches wide. Knives will be thrown by the handle only.

Tomahawks must have a separate head and wood handle. No taped handles and the cutting edge must not exceed four inches nor be narrower than two inches. No double bit or spikes.

The targets for the throwing competition are slices of cottonwood tree trunks, six-to-eight inches thick and up to 3 feet in diameter.

Levi Hammonds, 7, another Hawkins native is a state, national and gold cup champion in knife and tomahawk throwing. He and his 3-year-old brother will also be competing in the Hawkins event. Traders or vendors of knives, tomahawks or costumes have been invited to the event and will offer a variety of gear. Competition begins at 9 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The Hawkins/Holly Lake Rotary Club will have a food and snack booth set up for competitors and spectators in the Pavilion. There is no admissions charge for the event for spectators. Competitors pay entry fees ranging from $25 for professional throwers to $10 for juniors.


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