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Dash of Pepper

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The mommy reign begins
The Gazette Staff
The ascension of Nancy Pelosi to the office of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives had the air of a coronation.
It began with a series of events including a "tea party" in Washington. It was reported that at this event, the speaker-elect raised her fist and announced that she was the most powerful woman in America. I wondered what Mrs. Clinton thought about that statement. It continued in California with celebrity galas where Ms. Pelosi showed her acumen as a fund-raiser.
Then came the celebration of motherhood with the speaker-elect surrounded by grandchildren, ranging from infants to toddlers to pre-teens. I didn't think the house chamber was really appropriate place for this type of gathering, but I come from a generation that believed there were appropriate settings for small children and other that were not appropriate. I also thought having little kids playing with the speaker's gravel was a tad undignified but why on earth would I expect any sense of decorum, much less dignity?
What is most entertaining about the whole thing was the new celebration of motherhood on the part of female writers in the establish press who were previously known for their undying support of the feminist agenda. Now we're confronted with the odd spectacle of gushing praise for motherhood on the part of those who have supported such things as abortion and various planned parenthood organizations. Go figure.
Perhaps the focus on motherhood is appropriate given the soft agenda the Democrats are pushing. The minimum wage and squabbles over stem cell research become front and center. It's a good way to avoid making any suggestions about Iraq, a way to divert the focus from their taxation policies and as for the War on Terror - well, my feeling is they just wish it would go away.
But it won't. Our adversaries have made that clear. But right now, we're slipping back into the old feel good mode. We've put everything on cruise control, as far a Congress is concerned. Thank God the president is sticking to his guns. This is the mode we were in as a nation during the 1990s and it's dangerous.
But, hey, don't worry. Mommy's in charge.
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