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Some Thoughts

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 Recently my wife and I headed for the Fore Seasons to have one of our favorite meals, the Baseball Steak. It was Friday January 5, and we noticed that the parking lot was almost full when we were parking.

The young cart shuttle driver told us it was dining as usual so we climbed in for the ride up the hill. However, upon entering the restaurant we were met by Karen who after telling us she was glad to see us there, confided that a large Curtis Allen group was having a party. They had the far side reserved but the entrance side was available for seating, tho quite crowded. We spotted our friends the Fruendts. John and Karen at a table with two seats available so we sat down. We had a wonderful meal with tremendous service. Both sides of the restaurant was packed.

Rob James, who was with the Curtis Allen group, stopped by our table to say hello. When we asked for our checks, David told us that Rob had covered all 4 of our tabs, including tips.The Fruendts were confused so I explained that it was Rob's way of saying thank you to the Gazette for its service to Holly Lake Ranch.

On another subject, we have all heard Rob say that he has never met Bob Mead, the multi-millionaire CEO head of the Silverleaf Corporation, and Rob's ultimate boss. Well perhaps Rob should spend more time at Ed's Place, on HW 14 in Hawkins. It seens that BobMead frequents Ed's Place on his "hunting forays" into the area on his massive 1,615 acre hunting preserve, formerly our Wildlife Preserve.

Recently Jeanette Sterner, our newly elected "B" Board member, and spouse Sven were dining at Ed's Place. Bob Mead walked in dressed in "Camo Gear" and Ed introduced them. While talking with Bob, Jeanette asked if he was going to Iraq, or just hunting. He laughed. Next day, Rob James called and asked Jeanette, "what does he look like"?

Several people have told me that Rob is under much pressure in his position as GM of Holly Lake Ranch Homeowner's Association. He had worked hard to get the Armstrong /Allen ticket re-elected and faces working with a "B" Board that is now totally made up what he has always considered the opposition. Some people are openly calling for his replacement as GM. The ball is in Rob's court as we move into the new year of 2007.

Such things as Bylaw changes to bring us into compliance with the Law Suit's judgement, Audits and working under a budget with reduced dues are facing him and the new Board. Rob has told the new "B" Board that there are 55 full time employees at Holly Lake Ranch, including him self. They (the Board) have no idea what any of the salaries are, yet they must approve of the expenditure. How can we as homeowners permit this condition to continue? The open meeting with Home owners will be on the 18th and then the closed meeting with the "A" Board on Friday the 26th. The meeting on the 26th could be explosive, I am told.

I truely hope that they can pull it off. All 4 need our prayers and support.

This issue of the Gazette will be our first where we will be mailing under the Postal Periodical (2nd Class) so everyone, including our subscribers in other cities, will get next day delivery. This is a big plus since prior issues were delayed for as much as a week for our out of town subscribers. WC


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