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Some information for consideration

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The national media is very quick to report the current "war dead count" in Iraq and many of the Administration's critics attempt to make a link to Viet Nam. When one goes on the internet to look at the actual numbers from previous wars in our Nation's history, we are left with some startling facts to consider. What do you think these numbers reveal and why does a little newspaper in East Texas have to be the only newspaper in America to bring them to your attention?

 US War Dead

 Civil War 203,000 (North & South)

 World War One 80,000

 World War Two 407,300

 Korea 33,686

 Vietnam 58,208

 Iraq 3,000 +
(Now that you know these facts, take a look at the Thomas Jefferson story about the "Shores of Tripoli" on page A 10 )


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