Hearts Full of Gratitude

January 6, 2007


Dave Betts was diagnosed with cancer on August 28, 2006. Not just cancer, but multiple cancers. Since that time, his family has found love and blessing beyond the average person's dreams and that love is getting them through this very difficult time.

It hasn't been an "easy go." Dave travels to Baylor Hospital in Dallas for his treatments. These treatments are mentally and physically taxing and go on for six days at a time. His wife, Leah, goes with him and is by his side throughout it all. Dave remains positive and strong in spirit, even though the treatments are very difficult. How is this possible?

Angels. There are angels in his life. Spiritual beings that often can't be seen, but are, nevertheless, there for him! What are their names? That remains a mystery! Two of them (and possibly more) live in Tyler and they are members of the Care and Share Bible Study Class of Green Acres Baptist Church. Before Thanksgiving, they read an article in the Tyler newspaper about Constable Betts and his valiant effort to keep working following his cancer diagnosis. The article stated that he was not bitter but attacking the disease with a determined and positive attitude, fighting it with all of his might. They immediately rolled up their sleeves and went to work, providing the Betts' family with food and financial support. They saw to it the four children had plenty of cookies, candies, Chex Mix, and other delights from Sam's as Christmas approached. Two weeks later, their Sunday School class gave the Betts another check to help with the mounting medical expenses. The monies provided were a real blessing, and the Caring and Sharing of these ladies expressed "the Master's Touch" of Christmas love.

The Kiwanis Club of Holly Lake has also stepped up to help. They provided the family with "the Best Christmas EVER!" according to Constable Dave. The Kiwanians treated them as their "adopted family" and the kids received everything they had asked for on their Santa lists.

The Betts family is also very thankful to all the members of Holly Brook Baptist Church who have prayed for them, provided for them in so many ways and showed God's caring love and concern for them. They also want to thank their friends at Holly Lake Ranch who have provided prayers, moral support, and love to the family.

In talking with Dave, he asked a number of times "Who am I that I deserve all this?" His entire family is overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from East Texas people. When you see Constable Betts, please tell him "our take" on his question. Our answer would be that God watches over those who love Him, and there are angels all around the Betts Family at this time. We ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers.


Story by Annette Crabtree, Gazette Staff.


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