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Ramblings from a "disjointed mind"

 No, Marvo did not pen the heading, but he easily could have. This issue is loaded and perfect for an "end of year" reflection session. Cold December days need this type of activity.

Our Staff submits its Annual Year in Review and in an effort to encourage you to plough through it all, I have placed a small * in several places.. There are 5 of them in the Review, and naturally you must read to find them. The "carrot" is, the 1st five readers who email me with the 5 locations will receive their choice of a free years renewal of their Gazette subcription added on to the end date, or a gift of same to a friend or relative. My email is shown below. Hint: the Review is also on our website, hlrgazette.com, and you can copy and paste the locations from there.

Don't miss the Gazette's first ever "Memorial" on page A 8. It was commissioned by Maudell Franklin on behalf of her husband Carl Worley Franklin, who passed recently.

On Page A 10, we have a teaser intro on our rerunning of the Pan Am Clipper story, that originally ran in the 1-6-07 issue. It received many comments then and should be read again by the fire on a cold Holiday afternoon. Check it out.

The minutes from the Annual Property Owners Meeting of Holly Lake Ranch begin on Page A 9 and offer great detail on just what took place. The Gazette is happy to bring them to the Holly Lake property owners and thanks the Board for providing them.

This was the first year in several that we didn't have the Christmas Magic event with Santa parachuting in for the kids. It was Bob Reynold's idea and he saw to it that it was done each year. We lost Bob, in the Spring of 2007 and the Holly Chamber decided not to do the Event this year. I would expect the Holly Chamber to begin looking at merging with The Greater Hawkins Area Chamber in 2008.

Look for word early in 2008 of the implementation of the $20/$12 Food Credit by the B Board to jump start the Fore Seasons restaurant after its approval recently. December has been a month of reduced hours and menu in order to make the budget at year end.

2007 has been a fantastic year for the Gazette both with subscription sales, store sales and advertising revenue. We thank all of you for this success and Annette, Wilson and our entire staff wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! W.C.

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