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Sheriff's department resolves major equipment thefts

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On November 10th, Deputy Tim Baucom of the Wood County Sheriff's Department took a report with regard to a theft of three pump jacks in the Winnsboro area.

The pumps were located a short time later by Deputy Baucom at a scrap yard in Sulphur Springs. Investigators were contacted and a hold was placed on the pump jacks.

The total value on the recovery of the pump jacks is $30,000 and a warrant was issued for a suspect in this case.

On December 1st, Deputy Misti Burns took a report with regard to a theft. The report stated that two 30-horse power electric motors had been stolen from pump jacks at separate oil rig locations. The suspects had stolen the motors by first disconnecting the meter which fed electricity to them, then removing four bolts, allowing the removal of the motor.

On the evening of December 1st, Investigator Randal Lain received information of a possible suspect in the theft. On the same evening, Investigator Lain went to the suspect's residence and located the stolen motors.

Surveillance was done on the suspect's home. On the morning of December 2nd, investigators from the sheriff's office as well as Deputy Burns made contact with the suspect. The suspect was arrested for the theft of the motors.

During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the same suspect had broken into a Wood County Electric sub-station located on FM 2225.

Property recovered from the suspect's residence linked him to the burglary.

A total of over $20,000 worth of equipment and electrical supplies was recovered.

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