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Hawkins City Council

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Utilities clerk applications reviewed; Community Center policy adopted

 Meeting in regular session, Monday, December 17, the Hawkins City Council adopted rental policies for the Hawkins Community Center and reviewed more than 40 applications candidates for full time city employment as utilities secretary.

The council adopted a policy requiring a $100 deposit on the community center. The rental fee is $10.00 per hour, plus $35. Four basic rules apply to use of the facility:

"The community center must be cleaned and locked by 12 midnight on the day of rental.

1) Alcohol and the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

2) The use of tobacco inside the community center building is prohibited.

3) Fighting, loud music or speaking, or any other misconduct shall not be tolerated.

Should any of the above be violated all persons will be asked to leave the property and the deposit will not be returned."

At the request of the Vice President of Student Affairs at Jarvis Christian College, Jarvis students or employees renting the Hawkins Community Center must also secure his signature on the rental agreement.

More than 40 applications have been received for the open position as utilities secretary. The council moved into executive session to review the applications and narrow down candidates to be interviewed for the job. In the meantime, an agency is furnishing a temporary replacement until a hire is made.

Cable rates going up
The city has received notice of a rate increase from Suddenlink. Beginning in January the cost of basic cable will increase by $1.00 to 22.95 per month and the cost of expanded basic cable will increase by $1.00 to $27.00 monthly. All bundled packages will increase by $3.00 per month. New prices are also in effect for premium subscribers.

Hawkins Police Chief Ron Voda presented a policy manual that he has drafted for the Hawkins Police Department. Voda suggested he had keyed the document on Texas Municipal League guidelines. The proposed policies will be reviewed by the Mayor and council members.

Council also discussed a suggestion by Mayor Sam Bradley that a line of credit be established at City National Bank to be used instead of cashing in an unexpired CD in order to meet planned and unplanned expenses. The consensus among council members is to wait until such expenses emerge, then negotiate the best interest rate among competing lenders.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hawkins City Council is scheduled for Monday, January 21 at 6 p.m. A special meeting of the council can be called with 72 hours public notice.

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