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 I called Rob this morning, I wanted to ask him about a rumor that I had been hearing around the Ranch. The rumor was that, "over the past few months, things had warmed between he and the B's".

He reported that the rumor was true and he liked it better that way. He credited the reason for the warming toward him was a much closer relationship between the B's and Silverleaf, a kind of mutual trust.

The feeling that I got from Rob was that for the first time in his employment here he felt like he was actually working for the Ranch, and not for Silverleaf. This is a good thing since, after all, his salary comes out of our dues.

Congrats to Sparks and Beggs on their election victory. I feel that we can expect a year of tough decisions to solve difficult and persistant problems. Thanks Ann, for letting John run again! W.C.


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