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H.L. "B" Board Winners

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It's Beggs & Sparks

 Bill Beggs and John Sparks won two-year seats on the Holly Lake Ranch B-Board. Both were incumbents, having first been elected in December 2005. The results were announced at the Annual Meeting of Holly Lake Ranch Association on Saturday, December 1, 2007.

Ten candidates filed for two seats representing property owners at Holly Lake Ranch. The four members of the B-Board serve with 5 members of the A-Board to form the Holly Lake Ranch Association Board of Directors. The five A-Board members are appointed by the developer, Silverleaf Resorts, Inc.

Responding to demands by Clyde Johnson and Shonna Mulkey at the meeting to follow clear By-Laws language, officers for the new HLRA Board of Directors were nominated and elected as follows: Bob Levy, President; John Sparks, Vice President; Larry Bowman, Treasurer, and Jeanette Sterner, Secretary. In the past officers were not elected until the first meeting of the joint boards, traditionally held in January.

Vote totals for the ten B-Board candidates were as follows: Beggs-288; Sparks-243; Bob Blanton-189; Jack Mills-180; Kay Sloan-161; Bob Bricker-90; Bob Kunstmann-78; Stan Ross-67; Pat Roling-46, and Bill Alcorn-45.

The four members of the B-Board serve with five members of the A-Board who are appointed by the developer, Silverleaf Resorts. Retained members of the B-Board are Larry Bowman and Jeanette Sterner.

The annual meeting also featured a presentation of the 2008 budget, introduction of department heads and the announcement of a dues increase of 5.1 percent effective January 1, 2008. Golf dues for 2008 are being raised by $75, to $850 for singles and $100, to $1,450 for couples.

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