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As I sat in the audience Saturday afternoon at the 3rd Annual HLR B Board Candidate Forum, I was shocked by what I was hearing from my friend Bill Beggs. I had no idea Bill felt the way he did about the $20 assessment question. Bill is a good man and when he was asked, point blank, how he had voted, he answered the question honestly. In hindsight, I respect that honesty and the words I used when I reached the microphone, should have been softer.

Bill has assured me that he will support the peoples wishes and will implement whatever they choose to do in this matter. By the time you read this, the food vote will be counted.

 On the matter of the election of 2 "B" Board Members that is still ongoing, I wholeheartedly support John Sparks in his bid to be reelected and Kay Sloan, who will support the $20 / $12 assessment, which is the only way to save food being served on property.

Kay Sloan has worked hard (summer pool duty) for the Ranch and is a strong supporter of the restaurant. She would bring some fresh ideas to the Board.

I think everyone remembers that the By Laws say that the winners of the 2 seats take over as soon as the votes are tabulated, and not in January of next year. W.C.


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