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Hawkins couple attends George Bush rededication ceremony

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On Friday November 9th , Bob & Gipsy Schneider were invited guests to the reception and unveiling of the portrait of Mrs. Barbara Bush hosted by the President and Mrs. George bush at the Presidential Library in College Station.

The private museum tour that followed, illuminated the many changes that the 8 million dollar renovation of the George Bush Presidential Library has undergone the past 8 months. On Saturday morning the George Bush School of Government and Public Service held an open house in the Allen Building at the Library Center. The graduate students enrolled in this prestigious school, served as hosts answering questions from international affairs to local issues.

Immediately after the Open House, all guests were seated just outside the Presidential Library entrance to have an excellent view of the Army's Golden Knights Parachute team as they glided down to earth. As a surprise to all including the Bush families of Jeb, Neil & Dora, everyone watched as the last parachutist turned out to be the 41st President of the United States. Music was provided by the Texas A&M all male chorus and the Texas Aggie Band.

Following a true Texas luncheon of barbeque, guests were able to mix and mingle with many former White House staff, Bush family, friends, and many supporters of the George Bush Presidential Library Center. Bob was glad to see old White House staffers & especially Col. Danny Barr (ret.) who was President Reagan and Bush's Air Force One pilot. They had met before at Andrews AFB when Bob flew his TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber to a Bush Air group 51 reunion 13 years ago and Barr gave Bob a special tour of Air Force One. Schneider said it made him feel good while talking to the former President when he said: "You know Bob, I think your TBM Avenger is still the focal point of the exhibits and for sure the largest display".

 Schneider said it doesn't matter what political party you favor, this Presidential Library is America's Library and is so very family friendly to everyone no matter you are. It has almost 100 interaction displays where you can even try to solve issues that the President had to contend with during his Presidency. The new Oval Office & Situation Room display are the exact copy of the ones at the White House even today. Bush's actual desk and chair are there to see and if you're lucky, can sit in. When asked to sit at the desk and upon sitting in Bush's actual chair, Schneider said; "Even though this display is a copy of the real thing, you really feel the power that goes with the person who sits at this desk every day representing the strongest and most influential nation in the world".

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