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Don't miss it. It was in your HLR Dues envelope, unless you pay dues by the year, and then it would be in its own separate envelope. Please note that it must be mailed and not faxed or "dropped by the office" as with other votes. Also note that there is a time limit for it to be received.

This is a very important event for the Ranch since the Boycotts must be broken if the Fore Seasons is to have a chance. We have too much invested (over a half million dollars) to just walk away. The Gazette recommends that you vote for option #1, which is the $20/$12 food credit arrangement. I mailed the Crabtree ballot last Saturday! W.C.

 Prior to the previous paper, I sent a letter to all 10 HLR B Board candidates offering them a free announcement and photo in the Gazette. All but 2 responded, several with photos. One of those not responding was Stan Ross. Stan is ill and two of his friends have interceded on his behalf and delivered this announcement to me. Stan, I wish you well in your recovery and good luck in the election. W.C.


Name: Stan Ross Lot 126 Section 01
Are you a full-time resident? Yes
Years as a property owner at Holly Lake Ranch? 11 years

Personal Background: Married for 55 years with three children and seven grandchildren. Member of Holly Tree Chapel. Member of VFW.

Career Expertise/ work experience:
20+ years in Industry Management dealing with personnel, financial and company policies. Also owned Mfg. Co. and on Board of Directors. Served on Holly Lake B Board for 9 years.

Reason for running for the board: To get back to a positive agenda and reduce friction between A & B Board and Ranch Residents. To also get things done rather than sitting and looking at all the negative sides. We have a good manager and staff. Let's let them run it.
Note: What has this "B" Board really done??

Goals for the Ranch if elected: Reduce excessive spending (such as outlandish fee charge for last audit.) Also cost of moving Maintenance from Barn to New Building....totally unnecessary. Bring the management of the Ranch back to positive goals and thinking, along with fiscal responsibilities. Holly Lake Involvement:

Previous Member of Architectural Committee and Previous B Board Member. Any other qualifications: Yes- I believe in having a positive and practical approach to all matters.

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