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Dash of Pepper

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A false aura
The Gazette Staff
The people who run Hillary Clinton's campaign have been working very hard at painting an aura of inevitability around her candidacy. They labored assiduously to convince Democrats that no other candidate has a hope, and I think they have been largely successful even though some on the Far Left despise her war vote. I suspect centrist Democrats (who are in hiding) have their doubts about Hillary but are remaining silent.
Her campaign people had begun to extend the "aura" into the general election by having her use a certain phrase at least once in every speech. That phrase is "When I am President ..." Repeated often enough, her handlers are probably betting that the perception of inevitability will sink in on the general electorate.
I was beginning to worry because repetition is the essence of successful propaganda, when along comes the latest Zogby Poll. A whopping 50 percent of those questioned said they would NEVER vote for Hillary. Even more devastating was the verdict from those age 65 and over - almost 60 percent of these voters posted negative on Hillary. A former Hillary organizer has publicly said he thinks she will have a hard time in the "red" states where people remember to old Hillary from the 90s, not the new person who was reinventing herself in the U.S. Senate, the new person being crafted by her campaign people. To most in the heartland, she embodies the Wicked Witch of the West, but unlike Dorothy, we don't have any magic red shoes to neutralize Hillary.
Meanwhile, at last weekend's Republican debate in Florida, the candidates took as many shots at Mrs. Clinton as they did at their opponents for the GOP nomination. It was a good debate. The candidates had some fire, they had humor, they outlined their policies on the issues and they largely came across as intelligent people. The Republicans, win or lose, can be proud of the quality of people they can attract to the political process.
Once the competition ends and the GOP has their man, it will be time to close ranks totally, and mount a solid and tough-minded campaign against Mrs. Clinton. She has some large negatives. A major one is the baggage she carries - leftover from her husband's White House years. Another big negative is her tendency, during speeches, to either drone, or worse, to be shrill. Equally bad are the ill-concealed facial expressions and the body language in her public appearances.
I don't know if the fund-raising scandals linking Hillary's campaign to Mr. Hsu and the other vote bundling mess in a part of the Chinese community will hurt her. She and her husband have an uncanny ability to get away with things that would be instant death for a Republican, thanks to the mainstream press.
I usually don't pay attention to any polls until the conventions are over and the two sides are ready for battle. Ignore the polls until next August, at the earliest.
But when that time comes, it's time to open up your wallet (if you are able to give), time to work hard and time for everyone to don those sparkly red shoes and give Mrs. C. a real run for her money.
To win, Republicans must want the glittering prize, the White House, as much as she does - and that's a lot!
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