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 Bill Beggs first moved to Holly Lake Ranch in 1974 and lived here until 1982. He returned to the area and bought a home in 1994 and has been a property owner since that time. Bill has been married to his wife Gina for fifteen years and has seven children. He attends Holly Brook Baptist Church and serves in numerous volunteer capacities there. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M, Bill's career was teaching and coaching for many years. Most recently, for the past twelve years, Bill has been selling real estate at Holly Lake Ranch. Currently, Bill is the Broker and owner of Wood Land Realty as well as owner and manager of Wood Land Village business complex.

In seeking re-election to the Board of Directors, Bill hopes to continue the progress made toward keeping the property owners informed of Board considerations and actions, openness and accountability of financial records, listening to concerns of all property owners, continuing the work groups functioning in advisory roles, and maintaining a conservative approach to budgeting. For the future, Bill desires to see greater efficiency in collection of delinquencies, standardizing restrictions and greater enforcement of violations, staying within budgetary guidelines, and striving for harmony even in disagreement.

Because of Bill's vast experience in dealing with Holly Lake property owners across all socio-economic, age, and interest spectrums, he feels he can best represent the needs and desires of the majority of the property owners.

 Bob Blanton I am running for the B Board for several reasons. I have concerns about the restaurant, the new 9-holes; the money/land owed to us by Silverleaf, and the budget/spending practices. Here are my positions on these issues. 4 SEASONS: We have two options. First, lease the restaurant. This would get us out from under the losses we're experiencing, except for the note. Or we could close the restaurant, pay on the note for the next 18 months, and pay off the remainder with the annuity we guaranteed the note with. I'm totally against assessments for the restaurant. NEW 9-HOLES: I want to know the TRUE cost to golfers and homeowners alike if this course is built. This course is being built for the convenience of Silverleaf. I don't feel we need to have any financial responsibility. MONEY/LAND OWED: Last election the hot topics were money owed to us by Silverleaf and the two parcels of land "given" to Silverleaf. I am perplexed that there has been virtually no discussion of these issues from the Board. I want to know where we stand and you should, too!! BUDGETS/SPENDING: Budgets are a plan for spending money-money that you have. We're already spending money that won't be in the coffers until next year. This has to stop!! Responsible budgetary preparation and spending must be a major part of any business. HLR is a non-profit business!! We need to be fiscally responsible on a monthly and yearly basis. We need to have a three-year and a five-year plan that includes a contingency account. The B Board needs to take a hard look at where our GM is spending our money and make sure we're getting our money's worth. The B Board is the tool to making this happen. Bob Blanton

 Jack Mills B-Board position statements.

FOR: Letting the Department Heads do their jobs with supervision from the GM only.

AGAINST: B-Board appointing committees of any type that review Department Heads activities, actions, plans or goals. The B-Board responsibility is to set Goals and Expectations, for the GM and Department Heads, then approve a Budget with the GM to accomplish those Goals and Expectations. Then get out of the way. The B-Board must regularly review with the GM to determine if Goals and Expectations are being met and not Micro Managers. I am for changing this management style and letting the Managers do the job they were hired to do without interference of appointed committees. After a quarterly performance review by the GM/B-Board, if they do not meet their goals then replace the Manager.

FOR: Supporting the project by Silver Leaf to build a new 9 Hole Goff Course and infrastructure at their expense. All added income from their increased payments to be put into a separate account to support increased cost of Goff Course operation and maintenance.

FOR: Operating the 19'h Hole/Fore Seasons facility as a leased facility to an independent company. This may mean offering the facility with incentives, such as, no rent cost, no maintenance cost, etc to entice an interested party. Keep it open.

FOR: Increasing all 2008 dues to property owners to make sure we keep all our infrastructure in good condition just like we keep our homes well maintained.

AGAINST: Increasing annual Golf fees by more than 5% as this will impact many fixed income players and effectively turn the Goff Course into a Country Club where only the wealthy can afford to play.

FOR: Reviewing every Department for ways to reduce cost I would expect every Manager to provide a review of their operation and suggest ways to reduce cost. I would expect a detail review of the Security Department as this in one of HLR largest expenses for personnel and vehicles.

 Pat Rolling I have been a resident at Holly Lake since 2000 and a property owner prior to that. For the past 6 years I was content to just enjoy the beauty of the Ranch. When the issues came up after the last "B" Board election and much was brought to the forefront regarding the management of the Ranch and our position with Silver Leaf, I began to have questions. I felt the need to be more involved. The Restaurant seemed to be a much talked about commodity and rather than listen to all the "stories" and various sides I decided to get right to the heart so I volunteered to work on the restaurant committee. The meetings I have attended have all been geared toward solutions to stop the "bleeding" and many recommendations have been discussed. Contrary to rumor we have had no authority to make business decisions. I support the restaurant staying open. I might not have supported it had I been asked before it was built, but that is really a moot point. We have it now so we need to do the best we can to make it successful and not lose our investment.

 What are my qualifications and what can I bring to the board? I am an Independent Nurse Case Manager, my job is to be a patient advocate. I search for and secure the best care and treatment for my patients. As I am hired by various insurance companies I walk the thin line between the claimant/patient and the insurance company. This is what I would do as a Board Member. I would represent the community to make sure that our needs are considered and met to the best of my abilities. I am not afraid to say what I think.

 Fore Season Restaurant
September 2007

LOSS $12,443.00 BOTTOM Line....

Do you realize we had months, before the Fore Seasons was built, when the 19' Hole lost that much by itself and the 19' Hole was not paying $7304.00 on notes. I don't ever remember hearing anyone talking about closing it.

 How expensive will it be in 2 years when the notes are paid off? We will still have a beautiful restaurant where we can enjoy and be proud to dine with our friends and relations.

 I feel that monthly losses can be reduced, because Karen and her crew will be working hard to keep it low, BUT they need all of Holly Lake Ranch Residences showing their support.

 In stead of being 3 groups, how about everybody giving a little and lets work together. I will bet everyone will HAVE MORE FUN, and at our age that's important.

 I am for more FUN

Dick Martin

 John Keith Sparks, Lot: 28, Section: 1
Are you a full time resident: Yes
Years as a property owner at HLR: 6 plus

ersonal Background: I am 68 years old, a native of Indiana. Twice Texan, having lived here in 1942 43 when my father took his basic training at Camp Maxey near Paris, Texas. I am college educated with a double major in Journalism and Government. I have been married to Ann Souders Sparks for 45 years. We have three adult children and six grandchildren. Ann is a retired teacher. We are both avid golfers. We are in our second home at Holly Lake Ranch.

Career Expertise: Most of my working years were dedicated to professional public relations with 16 years of corporate service and 15 years as a consultant, specializing in communications with investment professionals such as security analysts and brokers as well as shareholders for publicly held corporations. Upon retirement in 1992, 1 invested as a partner in a weekly newspaper serving the citizens of Rockwall County. I served as publisher, editorial writer and news reporter for the paper. Upon moving to the piney woods of East Texas and Holly Lake Ranch in May 200 1, 1 continued my journalism career as Assistant Editor of the Wood County Democrat for a year and a half before joining Wilson Crabtree as primary news reporter and editorial columnist at the Holly Media Group (Holly Lake Ranch Gazette) and the start up of a new weekly newspaper serving nearby Hawkins. Those two papers have since been merged.

 Reasons for running for the board: I feel that my goals which motivated a successful candidacy for the board in 2005 have not been fully achieved. The job is not yet done. Some issues are unresolved. Over the past two years we have dealt primarily with the problems and shortcomings of the past, with far too little emphasis on the future of this great community and its people. This term may afford me and the board the opportunity to plan for the future of Holly Lake Ranch.

 Goals for the Ranch if elected: 1.) Continue to improve two way communications; 2) share information with all interested property owners; 3.) Share decision making with property owners on major expenditures and/or issues; 4.) assure value received for dues paid, and 5.) Review bylaws and amend to provide mechanism for property owners to approve all changes and a process through which property owners can put forth proposed changes to the by laws.

 Holly Lake Involvement: Men's Golf Association, Garden Club, Hook & Ladder, contributing editor to Hawkins/Holly Lake Gazette, Hawkins/Holly Lake Rotary Club, and Hawkins United Methodist Church.

 AU other qualifications: Sound judgment. Absolute love of Ranch and people here!

 Bob Kunstmann I feel that the present B Board, in the past two years, has accomplished nothing except: under-funding the Ranch, alienating Ranch employees due to their micro-managing of the various Ranch services. Interestingly, there's a quote in the November 2007 Reader's Digest on page 28 which says, "Committee: A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary."

 No increase in golf dues. Golfers pay twice now

Firing David from the restaurant has dramatically influenced the revenue of the restaurant. A concerted effort should be made to hire David back and that will bring those people back that truly supported the restaurant three to four times a week.

When money is available, build a new guard house to enhance the beautiful job Silverleaf has done on the main entrance.

The dues need to be raised 10 percent in 2008 to run the ranch. In 2009 raise it another 10 percent and give back $10 per month to each dues payer to be used in the restaurant. This should make the restaurant no longer an issue.

The golf course needs to hire two equipment mechanics and needs to continue filling in dirt by the cart paths. Also, the board needs to let the residents have their divot-filling day and those who would like to, the ability to work on the golf course.

Finally, I would like to apologize to Rob and the ladies in his office when, after the audit, the B board was dismayed there were no financial improprieties. To even think Rob and his crew would jeopardize the use of Ranch finds is reprehensible. I guess that people who see "recommendations" from the auditors as "red flags" are paranoid anyway.

 Kay Sloan Are you a full time resident: yes
Years of property owner at Holly Lake: 13

Personal Background: Associate Degree in Real Estate and numerous other colleges courses. Organized the concept of a television program and served as hostess. Directed modeling school and agency. Purchasing Agent. Managed a ladies boutique.

Reasons for running for the board:

During the past few years there has been some frustration and discord among some Ranch residents. I would like the opportunity to work to mend fences and encourage cooperation with an open dialogue between the board and residents.

Goals for the Ranch if elected:

To make Holly Lake Ranch a better place to live for all residents. Holly Lake Involvement:

Managed the pools (west side and Section 3 summer of 2007. Served as second vice president (program chairman) of the Women's Service Guild 2006-07. Organized a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) at the Ranch. Member of the Recreation Committee. Member of the Hawkins Holly Lake Veterans Memorial Committee. Helped organize WAGS (womens auxiliary for Veterans Memorial) Member and secretary of Holly Lake/Hawkins Republican Club.

Any other qualifications:

Giving back to the community is of the utmost importance. Served as Regent of three different DAR Chapters. Organized and president of a Daughters of the Confederacy. Associate member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Member Colonial Dames. Served for 7 1/2 years as Chairman of the Republican Party of Wood County (and have many friends of the other party). Vice President of the Texas Republican Party County Chairman's Association. Organizing member of the Republican Women of Wood County. Involved and officer of numerous civic, school, and church organizations served on numerous boards.

 My name is Bill Alcorn and I am new to Holly Lake Ranch as a permanent resident. I have been visiting "The Ranch" since July of 1995 and have always loved it so my wife Vicki and I have decided to retire here.

My career was in public education and I have spent the past twenty two years in school administration with the last twelve years as a school superintendent. I feel that I am very qualified for the Holly Lake Ranch "B" Board since I have several years of experience dealing with people, public relations, finance, facilities, safety, and school boards. I believe in being positive, treating people the way you would like to be treated, and standing up for what's right.

 Holly Lake Ranch has some absolutely wonderful people and it is a mixture that encompasses a broad range of incomes and life styles. Therefore, we must represent all of these people to the best of our abilities within the boundaries and regulations of the "B" board by laws. I will do my best to represent each and everyone in a manner that will make you proud to live at Holly Lake Ranch. A Board will never be able to make everyone happy on every issue, but we must conduct business in a manner that offers all property owners a "SAY" or "VOTE" on critical issues.

 I would appreciate your support and vote during the election for the HLR "B" Board.


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