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 Let us not forget!

This whole Fore Seasons mess was planned and built by our former "B" Board with Rob James and Bob Levy urging them on at every step. They never bothered to present the property owners with an approval ballot for this major expenditure, but instead charged ahead on their own. The members of that Board were: Jim Armstrong, Judy Ruderer, Stan Ross and Curtis Allen. The restaurant building cost in excess of $360,000 and the January thru July of 2007 deficits have reached upwards of $200,000. As a result of this debacle, the Ranch has divided into "2 basic boycott groups" that are punishing everyone.

 Boycott Group 1- These people used to love the Fore Seasons and voted repeatedly for the "fab four" who built it, but are currently mad at the new B's for firing the former manager, David Wilson. They voted against the current B's.

Boycott Group 2- These people have never liked the Fore Seasons and have hardly ever gone there. They mostly voted for current B's. They are mad because the Fore Seasons was built without their permission and because it has taken money from roads and other things. This group would be the most likely to want the Fore Seasons shut down.

Group 3- These people are supporters and not Boycotters. They elected the current B's and in general support the Fore Seasons by going there once or up to four times per month. However, they talk about an "up or down" recent food and or service experience. They are also upset by the losses draining funds away from roads and other projects.

Which group are you in? Wouldn't it be great if the Boycott could be resolved (read broken) and the Fore Seasons could be operated in the "Black"?

The only way for this to happen, in a timely manner, is a $20 assesment (like the garbage assesment) with a return credit. This would raise our dues payment by $20 and return a $20 Fore Seasons credit to each dues payor each month. The higher payments would be in effect for a full 12 months.

The extra $20 payment would provide over $40,000 per month in revenues for the Fore Seasons and the credit, if used by the homeowner, would return an equal value. A win-win situation.

It would be a huge "Black Eye" for Holly Lake if we were to close this facility and could affect all of our property values.

I have listed below the candidates running for the two positions on the B Board that are up this year. Each of them would fit into one of the three groups shown above.

 Bill Beggs and John Sparks (both running for re-election) Bob Blanton, Bob Kunstmann, Jack Mills, Kay Sloan, Stan Ross, Pat Roling, Bob Bricker and Bill Alcorn. W.C.

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