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Roger Pace Announces for Commissioner Race

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 Roger Pace, Wood County Commissioner Precinct 3, has announced his intention to seek re-election.

Pace, a lifetime resident of Wood County, is a graduate of Hawkins High School and Tyler Junior College. He and his wife have five daughters and six grandchildren. He is a member of Hawkins First Baptist Church, HLR Kiwanis, the East Texas Housing Finance Corporation Board of Directors, and the East Texas Council of Governments Board.

Prior to becoming commissioner, Pace owned a construction company through which he gained experience with heavy equipment and invaluable insight into the benefits of preventative maintenance of machinery. "An effective maintenance program saves downtime and money. Over the years, we have acquired some excellent equipment for our precinct because the maintenance program has saved money through fewer repairs, thereby leaving money available to purchase new equipment," Pace stated.

According to Pace, the precinct participates in the "buy back" program concerning the purchasing of new equipment. Pace explained, "After the county has used the equipment for three years, we offer it on E-Bay to the highest bidder. If the E-Bay bids are not as high as the re-purchase price, then the equipment dealer has to act upon his contract to buy back the machine at the agreed to re-purchase price. For example, on one Caterpillar 140H, the county paid $162,000 and sold it three years later for $197,000, thereby making a profit of over $35,000. Actually the precinct was able to use this particular piece of machinery at no cost to the county."

Another accomplishment of which Pace is proud is the Wood County Recreational Park at Lake Hawkins. Pace stated that the park has brought needed revenue into the county through park fees and through guests patronizing the local businesses.

Pace is pleased with the progress the precinct has made in improving the county roads. "Over the years, we have replaced all of our wooden bridges with tankcars." Pace continues, " Wood County was successful in persuading the state of Texas to participate in the off-road bridge project whereby the federal government pays 80%, the state of Texas 10%, and Wood County 10%. The construction of the new Snider Bridge on CR 3689 was funded through this project. The replacement of the bridge alone was a savings in the amount of approximately $369,000 for Wood County. The original bridge was relocated to Mineola's nature trail.

 Pace stated that he has made it a priority to give immediate attention to the needs of the precinct's residents whenever he is made aware of those concerns. "We strive to correct any problem as soon as possible." Pace commends his foreman and excellent Road and Bridge crew who facilitate his being able to accomplish his job. In order to be aware of problems concerning the roads, Pace stated that he strives to check every road in the precinct once a month.

 Pace also states that he has never missed a regular meeting of the commissioners' court during his tenure of office. He is a conservative member of the court, which is reflected by his voting record. He tries to consider all sides of an issue before he votes on a matter.


In closing, Pace stated, "I have appreciated my constituents entrusting me with the privilege of serving them."

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