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Gazette interviews Mayor Sam

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Candy throwing Info for Oil Parade
By Wilson Crabtree

 After attending the Hawkins Chamber meeting Tuesday evening, I was a little confused about the "Candy Info" that was discussed there and was glad to run into Sam at the Post Office on Wednesday Morning. He agreed to meet with me after lunch at his office in order to answer some questions on the subject.

At the Chamber meeting Al Harris had asked Sam a direct question about "how he was going to enforce the City Ordinance # 050919 governing the throwing of candy at the parade" and Sam never really answered the question, at least not directly.

I asked him the question again in his office on Wednesday and he gave me a copy of Linda Smith's (Parade Coordinator) letter to each Parade Participant which contains the following clause:
Please note on the form that we ask that no candy or other items be handed or thrown from a paradee entrant. City Ordinance # 050919 Fine up to $500. This is in the interest of safety for the youngsters who would run into the street and be in harms way. But, also know that it is acceptable to pass out candy if you have people walking along the crowd.

The Mayor then said that the City of Hawkins would fully enforce the law but was counting on the entrants to "be safe and adhere to the law" and then adding that " the Parade is for our children and they are our greatest assets."

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