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I am a person that believes in decisive action when one is in an emergency situation. In business it is called "stop the hemorrhaging", and that must be done now with our problem!

It really would be quite easy. Our Board must pass an emergency charge that would be called something like a TEMPORARY RESTAURANT ASSESSMENT. It could be as little as $10 per month and it would be collected, with our dues. All dues payers would have to pay it and when paid, one would receive a voucher for a $10 credit on dining at the Fore Seasons. The vouchers would be good for 30 days and then they would expire.

The p&l for the Fore Seasons would then be monitored to see the effect. If the losses were curtailed, the surcharge would stay at $10. If the losses continued then the surcharge would be raised to $15 per month etc. We must act decisively as currently money is going down the "cr****r.

I have chosen, at this time, not to go into placing blame on those who built the restaurant, but only to stop the current bleeding. My feeling that if someone had a $10 voucher good for a credit on a meal, maybe they would order more that just the $10, and we might have a breakeven deal. This plan will work, if implemented, and I don't care who gets the credit.

We can have meetings and do all sorts of things and spend another $100,000 while we talk about it or we can do or we can do this now!!! W.C.


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