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Harmony ISD Trustees

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 Meeting in regular session, Monday, September 17, the board of trustees of the Harmony Independent School District heard reports on enrollment and some class scheduling problems during the first few weeks of school. Superintendent Jed Whitaker also advised trustees of the status of title programs and other federal programs.

Whitaker said first day enrollment for Harmony ISD was 985 students. Following the normal pattern the enrollment went up to 1,005 after Labor Day. Last year the after-Labor Day enrollment was 1,003.

Whitaker said there were a number of scheduling concerns and a case of a high student count. A requirement that junior high students must take two of three arts courses-band, choir or art-has created scheduling problems for these three offerings for the 229 students in junior high. The logjam is further complicated by the growth of the band program which has only one teacher/director. Whitaker said it is virtually impossible to find an assistant director at this time of year. Another source of concern is the pre-K program which has 17 4-year-olds in each half-day session.

Whitaker reported the district is operating 12 regular bus routes serving 625 students.

Whitaker said the district was current on the required reporting requirements for various title programs and federally funded programs. Following some frustration in securing information and assistance from Region VII personnel on these programs, Whitaker reported that a representative from Region VII will visit the campus to address questions and issues.

Trustees approved of the nomination of Buford Williamson for a seat on the board of directors for the Upshur County Appraisal District and Jerry Key for a seat on the Wood County Appraisal District board of directors.
The board also approved a recommendation to employ Charles Taylor for a state mandated training session for ISD board members on goal setting and team building.

The following is a breakdown of the enrollment at Harmony ISD as of September 14: PK-through 3rd grade - 302; 4th & 5th -159; 6th, 7th and 8th -229 and 9-through-12 - 314.

The next regular meeting of the Harmony Board of Trustees will be Monday, October 15. A special meeting of the board can be called with 72-hours notice.

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