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Tuesday, September 18
Wilson Crabtree

 The B-Board held an open meeting for property owners at Holly Hall on September 18. HLRA Vice President John Sparks served as moderator of the meeting. Treasurer Larry Bowman and board member Bill Beggs were present as was Rob James , General Manager. Secretary Jeanette Sterner is in Hawaii celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.

1.) Audit Report
Sparks reported that the board had received the much anticipated audit which he described as the first truly comprehensive and professional audit that HLRA has had in several years. He said the audit report of our 2006 operating year was startling in the number of "red flags" that were identified. Larry Bowman then briefly reviewed actions taken on several of the 27 "red flags" we received. Work is on-going in each of the 27 areas and representatives of the audit firm will be returning to review our progress.

2.) Accounts Receivable
Sparks told those attending the meeting, "We have identified our AR as a problem that needs attention. There is a lengthy list of property owners who are arrears in their dues. We have been using collection methods that are tried and unfortunately not so "true" or effective." Larry Bowman has been tracking the AR for the past several months. He provided a summary of the problem by section and by type of property (developed or undeveloped). Bowman suggested while it is true that Section 3 accounts for the bulk of the properties, the AR list includes properties developed and undeveloped throughout the Ranch. He has furnished an article to the Gazette and to the Herald regarding our AR situation which appears elsewhere in this issue.

3.) Roads Report
The Roads Work Group presented a new '08 report to the B-Board with recommended improvement projects. As the WG did last year, a comprehensive list of tiered projects was presented and scheduled from the most critical improvement needed to those that can be scheduled for the future. The Roads Work Group has also investigated drainage problems and provided input on these as well. Chairman Rick van Heyst also recommended a reporting system for problems identified by property owners. Forms will be available. Members of the WG will investigate the problems reported and rank them for attention by the Maintenance Department.

4.) Restaurant Report
Sparks reported that progress was being made in our food services operations. But that progress he said is of the "two steps forward and one step back" variety. We are continuing to underwrite food services operations at a pace of $20-to-$30 thousand dollars each month. We have approved a plan recommended by the restaurant manager to significantly improve kitchen layout and operations. Involved will be the removal of the old 19th Hole grill/microwave and the wall separating the old kitchen and the new one. Bids are being sought for new commercial equipment that is needed to complete the improvements. Sparks indicated that there may be a two or three day shutdown of the cooking area when the work is initiated. Dick Martin, a member of the FSWG praised a letter that appeared in the Gazette by Bonnie Barker and suggested that what the restaurant really needed is more patronage from property owners.

5.) Brush Burn Alternatives
Two contracting firms have been contacted to prepare proposals for chipping and shredding operations as an alternative to the brush burn. Sparks described a process whereby the contractor provides a crew, industrial chipper/shredder and a crew of two or more men to operate on a once-a-month basis. Like the brush burn, this operation would need some volunteers to assist in unloading trailers and trucks of the brush and limbs. We expect bids the first of October so that such a service can be considered in our 2008 budget.

6.) TABC Meeting
Rob James, Larry Bowman and John Sparks met with Randy Norwood, Auditor in the Compliance Division of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to prepare for the renewal of the license for our private club at the 19th Hole/Fore Seasons. Discussion centered on our current practices and any changes that might be necessary. Property owners will receive an application for membership (necessary to buy liquor) with their January 2008 billing statement. Those desiring to purchase liquor products at the restaurant operation should complete these forms and return them with their billing. We also discussed the handling of moneys related to liquor purchases and sales as well as restrictions on the use of profits generated by the liquor sales. From that discussion, we believe with the appropriate paper work, we can more effectively utilize these in the total Food/Liquor Services operation.

7.) Summer Recreation & Pool Report
Sparks introduced Kay Sloan who served as supervisor of the swimming pool operations this year. Kay said the summer season had few problems-an observation confirmed by Rob James and the B-Board members. There was a liquor incident. There were some minor behavior problems, but nothing major and a "good time was had by all." Kay hired and trained attendants from the Ranch. She recommended some physical improvements (roof over the equipment on pool in Section 1 and new door to chemical storage area and to the pavilion at the pool in Section 3).

8.) 9-Hole Golf Course Expansion Proposal
Sparks reported on the on-going discussions with Silverleaf executives to develop a proposal to add nine new holes to our existing 18-hole golf operation. He said the B-Board was anticipating a formal, written and signed proposal from Silverleaf soon. That proposal will be reviewed by our attorney and, if approved, would be registered at the Wood County Court House. The critical elements of the proposal which have been negotiated over the course of several months are:
A.) Silverleaf will provide the land upon which the additional 9-holes will be built (from FM-2860 along Lylesville Road to the dam at Lake Greenbriar).
B.) Silverleaf will pay all costs related to the design and construction of the new nine holes, including irrigation and lake pump.
C.) Silverleaf will pay all costs related to the infrastructure such as roads, water service, irrigation and drainage.
D.) Silverleaf's dues on their current 130 time share units at HLR will be raised to the same level per unit as is being paid by other property owners. The dues structure will also apply to any new units to be added to the company's HLR property. This will result in an increase of approximately $100,000 per year.
E.) Silverleaf will identify and register the land used for the new nine holes as a perpetual recreational easement to property owners at HLR, just as the current 18-hole course has been identified as a perpetual recreational easement.

There will be dues increases in the membership fee structure of the golf course with increases similar to the past years and to the pay-to-play fee structure. In addition the B-Board proposes to add an initiation fee which will be imposed on new property owners who wish to join the golfing membership. All current property owners will be exempt from this initiation fee as long as they maintain ownership interest in HLR. The combination of the above financial considerations will offset the cost of maintenance and taxes on the new 9-hole addition at least through 2011 according to our financial projections.

Finally, because of the cost neutral nature of this proposal, the B-Board will vote to approve the proposal if all of the above conditions are included.

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