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 The last two "B" Board elections at Holly Lake were a true exercise in Democracy. The number of people voting (taking part) more than doubled from previous elections and two key promises were made by the winners in those campaigns.

1. A promise was made to take any project, that could cost the people more than $100,000, to them for a vote. This was done once recently with a "specific plan" on a new 9 Holes of golf, and it was voted down by a large majority. (They were voting on a specific plan and not on a new nine holes in general) A new 9 hole plan could be announced at any time.

2. A promise was made by the two candidates last year to require Silver Leaf to pay their share of the costs around here, such as roads, security, Rob's salary, Fore Seasons, golf and others. I feel that our new Board is diligently working on this, as promised. W.C.

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