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 In response to the July 21st Ruderer letter.

Mr. Ruderer: Before you start making inferences, I suggest you base your comments on the historical facts. The problem in question had been brought to the attention of HLR management approximately four years prior to remedial action being taken. Several attempts to resolve this situation were made, all to no avail. Also, an excuse given was "road money" was diverted to the restaurant.

The problem was presented to the 2006 "B" Board comprised of Johnson, Armstrong, Sparks and Beggs. While working on the 2007 Budget, this "B" Board researched the problem on Ox Bow Cove and determined it should be taken care of. This was approved by both the "A" and "B" Boards in 2006.

The new "B: Board for 2007 reviewed the 2007 budget since it was within their jurisdiction and also approved the same budget. This "B" Board was comprised of Sparks, Beggs, Bowman and Sterner.

As far as "Golf Course Repair" the entire problem stems from a problem on the golf course. In view of the above facts, it would appear you owe an apology to everybody on Ox Bow Cove. Your statements overlooking all the facts should be very embarrassing. One amenity should be good roads in all of Holly Lake Ranch. There have been good changes in the "B" Board decisions and actions this past year. At least the Board decisions have been based on what the people want, not what the "Board" wants.

Stew and Carol Ulrich Section VI

 MY 2 CENTS WORTH.......................
I live at Holly Lake Ranch and I don't play golf. Oh, I tried it but I'm no good at it so I don't play. I didn't play before I moved here from the Dallas area 7 years ago, And Bunny, my wife, doesn't play.

We chose to retire here after looking around at other places in Texas. I'm a native so there wasn't any point looking outside the "Republic of Texas". My wife's not a native but she has spent a lot of time shopping in Texas....I think that makes her "almost" a native.......

We chose HLR mainly for the economics, rural setting and the amenities. The trees, rolling hills, and space were a much welcomed change from fences, concrete, and unnatural man induced vegetation.

 The cost of land and housing was much less expensive here than other places we looked. We liked the concept of the gated community with a great security force and we liked the well equipped Fire Department with its great volunteers.

We decided that HLR was for us. We asked about the dues and the Association. I did not ask for an itemized statement from the Association that showed how the dues were allocated. Maybe some of you did but I admit I didn't. It just seemed reasonable. Another thing I didn't check out was that I would be assessed and taxed by two counties but could only vote for one Tax Collector, but I digress and that's ,maybe, another "Letter to the editor".

I honestly can't tell you if we had known that 16-18% of our dues went to support golf, that we would have chosen to live here. Maybe we would have moved here anyway like the other 70-75% of HLR who don't play golf or maybe we would have decided, since we don't play golf, we don't need to pay for others to play. After all, generosity and fixed incomes only go so far. Some have said that no one would live here if we did not have golf. I have a reply for that but I will say only part of it since there may be young people and preachers reading this.......that's Bull --. How can you say that when 70-75% of us do not play golf. We moved here for the reasons I have stated above not, because we have golf. Amenities are something that make a place more attractive. It should not be confused with necessities. I can't speak for the others who live at HLR and I am NOT advocating that we plow up the golf course and plant roses either. I just think golf fees need to be raised and now. I have nothing against golf. I'm friends with some golfers..... Well... maybe not anymore!!!!

At HLR we spend a lot of time talking about the HLR restaurant, "The Fore Seasons", and its monetary losses. It looks like the losses are being reduced. Congratulations to all who are making this happen. It remains to be seen whether or not the loses can be reversed . When the "B" board was changing its membership and the restaurant was starting, the new "B" board said the restaurant either needed to break even or hopefully show some profit. I agree with that. Some say we should treat the restaurant as an amenity and allocate some of our dues to cover the expenses. I could go along with that too...IF it was a reasonable amount.

If our attitude about the restaurant is that it needs to break even or show a profit, WHY don't we have the same attitude about golf? I do applaud the board on its decision to put major issues to a HLR resident vote.

 Maybe its time that all the residents had a chance to vote on whether or not they think its time to raise golf fees and, if so, by how much. I expect a reasonable amount of my dues to pay for the amenities. I just don't think 16-18% is reasonable.

One persons opinion, Bill Orrender

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