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Letters to Editor

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The "second page" of Previous Ruderer Letter
(This was left off in previous paper by accident. W.C.)

Finally, the Board members made a big production of cutting the dues this year. Many things had to be cut out of the budget to achieve this, but they are spending money that was not budgeted. Employees were give a raise after the Board learned what the salaries were, an additional lawyer was put on retainer, they gave the former restaurant manager a severance package to assure that he would not sue, repaired an additional residential drainage problem and hired an experienced restaurant manager. These facts can be verified by reviewing meeting minutes.

 Unfortunately, I don't have any facts as to where these additional monies are coming from. Surely they are not coming from money budgeted for roads since we were promised "the money budgeted for roads will be spent for roads."For answers to this you will have to ask the "People's Board". James R. Ruderer

 Question for Ruderer: Who is your source on "they gave the former restaurant manager a severance package to assure that he would not sue"? Was it Rob or someone else?

 Jim, I did ask the "Peoples's Board" where the money is coming from to cover the Fore Season's Losses and they said it is coming from the $2,500 fee being paid by new homeowners. Most of those fees are being "soaked up" by covering various aminity losses. Were it not for the $2,500 fees being collected we would already be in deep water with no paddle.

 If some homeowners continue to "boycott" the Fore Seasons the Board might be forced to add a monthly Fore Season surchange to your dues, maybe $30 per month, where you will have that much credit at the restaurant each month whether you come or not. (this is my observation and did not come from the Board.) These are serious times and we cannot keep our heads in the sand. W.C.


Ex Hawkins Mayor speaks out on mosquitos:
I watched an article concerning the declining population of Honey Bees on a Sunday TV news program. The report stated that the population of bees was down twenty-five percent. I don't remember what the time period of the study was, but I don't see it as significant at this point, the important point is that there is a decline in the number of bees. Without the bees, vegetable and fruit production would suffer greatly and possibly come to a stop. Bees are extremely important in our food production; without the bees and their pollination we would be in big trouble. I realize that this may not seem important to you, but you destroy an environment the same way you eat an elephant...one bite at a time.

I read about an interlocal agreement with Big Sandy to spray for mosquitoes in one of the local papers. Has anyone considered the impact that spraying poison into the air will have on bees? Has anyone researched the effect on bees of the particular poison to be used? I understand that people get upset when there are a lot of mosquitoes because they bite me, too. There are other ways to control mosquitoes; the most effective is to destroy their habitat. Indiscriminate use of poison can create more problems than it solves.

I can remember the effect of spraying mosquitoes years ago on the number of catalpa worms, which were available. At that time, I did a lot of fishing, so I noticed; we killed most of the moths and consequently there were very few worms produced. It stands to reason that the poison will also kill some bees or affect their activity. I know that the poison that we used at that time was very potent, because I was one of those who sprayed; I had a headache for two to three days after each spraying.

You might also research the effect of the poison on people in the area who have lung problems. I realize that this is not a factor that has been considered in the past, but there are people who live in Hawkins who have lung disease. These people have rights, which are not usually considered in the decisions made by local government. Pollutants in the air are detrimental to their health and comfort.

Someone should research this issue. Is it more important to kill mosquitoes the easy way or preserve local bees? Is the killing of mosquitoes by spraying poison into the air more important than the health and comfort of those unfortunate enough to have lung disease? Should the City just indiscriminately spray poison into the air and do a blanket kill of all types of insects to control one insect? Please consider that insects are an important part of our biosphere before you do something that indiscriminately kills them. Government should make informed decisions, not just make decisions just based on emotion alone. You might even have to inform the public why you made the particular decision. Please be responsible.

Respectfully, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Jr., Ex. Mayor Hawkins, TX.


This Letter is in reply to the letter written by Mr. Ruderer:

Mr. Ruderer, Your letter doesn't really deserve a reply, but I just wanted to help you get your facts straight. (since you seem to be worried about the facts) There are seven of us on the Road Work Group, five of us being on the RWG last year. The reason we stayed, was to see that the infrastructure of the roadways, at some point, get the attention it so badly needs. That is, when they stop sending the money to the Golf Course, and actually use it for the roads. The road money and the $2500 initiation fee, was used for the Restaurant according to one of the quarterly reports, HLR Management mentioned $60,000. We are supposed to get about three miles of roads done each year, you might ask HLRM, just how many miles they did last year or the year before. What about this year, how many miles are they going to do? Here are the answers to your so called "issues" about the "laughingly Sterner Canal". These are the Facts:
The repair of the area on Oxbow Cove, was sent to the 2006B Board, last year. (Didn't have anything to do with the Campaigning for the new seats on the B Board.) At which time, they told us we didn't have the money to repair the problem. Yet they put it into the budget for the year 2007and was voted on by the A and B Board. The B Board Members at that time was Armstrong, Sparks, Beggs, Johnson, they are the ones who set up the Budget for the year 2007. The drainage was coming off the Golf Course and made a canal down the yards of at least 11 homeowners.( I do have the names of the Homeowners, if you'd like to see them." The roadway was being damaged as well, the RWG had asked for the work to be done. (Did not get done in the year of 2006)

HLR Management had tried a few things to correct the problem, all of which did not work. HLRM did send the crew out to work on this area many times in the last four years.

This repair work was not just for the Sterners, but for the entire neighborhood, that it was affecting.

We, as the RWG, do not favor anyone here on the Ranch. We try to give the entire Ranch what is need the most, and that is "Good Roads".

Yes, the project was approved by the New B Board,( made sense, the 2006 B Board did budget for the repairs.) and yes, Sterner was on this 2007 Board. But the problem here is, this 2007 B Board did what we needed them to do, which showed me they were working for the "Good of the Entire Ranch."

They didn't give the same answer, "we don't have the money for this"

There are Sandbars forming down at the Lake, all of which are causing problems and do need to be addressed. The problems have been let go for so many years, it is now going to take a lot of work to bring the Ranch up to par. Yes, it is going to cost, but isn't that what we paid for all these years?? Why wasn't it being done all along. You could ask the 2006 B Board members this questions.

Maybe using the words( Golf Course Repair ) was not the correct wording that should have been used. But then again, the drainage was coming off the Golf Course.

Last but not least: Yes, the facts can be "Verified" just give me a call.

We do have the maps and our reports that were given to the 2006B Board Members and to HLR Management.

This Road Work Group, works very hard to make these reports, with the hopes of the Roadways and the Drainage problems being fixed. We spend many hour driving all the roads here at the Ranch, not once but many times over the last two years. Mr. Ruderer, we don't believe all your facts are truthful. Don't use bogus findings, until you actually see what we have.

Members of the Road Work Group,
Alice Darby, Carol Ulrich, Shirley Strong and Pamela Cameron


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