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 The "second page" of Previous Ruderer Letter
(This was left off in previous paper by accident. W.C.)

Finally, the Board members made a big production of cutting the dues this year. Many things had to be cut out of the budget to achieve this, but they are spending money that was not budgeted. Employees were give a raise after the Board learned what the salaries were, an additional lawyer was put on retainer, they gave the former restaurant manager a severance package to assure that he would not sue, repaired an additional residential drainage problem and hired an experienced restaurant manager. These facts can be verified by reviewing meeting minutes.

 Unfortunately, I don't have any facts as to where these additional monies are coming from. Surely they are not coming from money budgeted for roads since we were promised "the money budgeted for roads will be spent for roads."For answers to this you will have to ask the "People's Board". James R. Ruderer

 Question for Ruderer: Who is your source on "they gave the former restaurant manager a severance package to assure that he would not sue"? Was it Rob or someone else?

 Jim, I did ask the "Peoples's Board" where the money is coming from to cover the Fore Season's Losses and they said it is coming from the $2,500 fee being paid by new homeowners. Most of those fees are being "soaked up" by covering various aminity losses. Were it not for the $2,500 fees being collected we would already be in deep water with no paddle.

 If some homeowners continue to "boycott" the Fore Seasons the Board might be forced to add a monthly Fore Season surchange to your dues, maybe $30 per month, where you will have that much credit at the restaurant each month whether you come or not. (this is my observation and did not come from the Board.) These are serious times and we cannot keep our heads in the sand. W.C.

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