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The Ruderer Letter

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After listening to the explanations we were given at the last pre board meeting, I believe that it is time to reveal some facts that do not necessarily substantiate what we are being told.

Every time a question is raised about the project that was initially represented as a "golf course repair" and is now laughingly referred to around the ranch as the "Sterner Canal" we hear the same story. We were told by the "People's Board" that twelve houses were affected and that the project was put in the budget and approved by the Board before Ms. Sterner even thought about running for the Board. The most recent reason given is "sand in the lake."

The facts are (1) two, no more than three, houses were actually affected. (2) The budget was approved on November 16, 2006, well after Ms. Sterner was advertising and actively campaigning for the Board. (3) The project was approved January 26, 2007, after Ms. Sterner was a member of the Board and, for the record, she voted "yes". (4) Sandbars are forming at numerous locations in the lake due to drainage, look at he one adjacent to the #7 fairway. (5) There never was a "golf course repair" called for. The facts can be verified by reviewing actual minutes of the Board meetings.

Another "story" is that, "The By laws have finally been resolved. It's about time! The A and B Boards recognize and agree that the By laws of the Association and the Court Settlement govern the affairs of the Board and the Association. Because of this, the changes to the By laws, which have been a priority for the past months, are not necessary. This is a major accomplishment."

The fact is, nothing has changed. We still have two legal documents, the Association By­laws and the court settlement. The difference is that the terms of the settlement are now included in the By laws. The fact that the Board has chosen to incorporate the terms into the By laws only means we have the terms in two places, the By laws and in the court settlement. Everything is just as it was 15 years ago. This fact can be verified by reviewing the two documents. It should be noted that the B Board members elected subsequent to the court settlement have governed by these same terms.

(Note: Could this be considered a "face saving" gesture on a failed campaign promise?)

From the beginning the "People's Board" has made the restaurant a target because it "loses" money to the tune of $30,000 a month. The restaurant has not lost $30,000 a month. We are never told that part of this "loss " is the retirement of the building debt, the 19'th Hole, two golf course beverage carts, the liquor license, etc. The Board has scorned the word "amenity", even though to many it was a wonderful amenity.

We never hear that the golf course "loses" about the same $30,000 a month. And, believe me, this year is probably the smallest "loss" we have ever had. Funny, but we seem to have no problem with the golf course being an "amenity". Could it be because three of the Board members play golf? This can be verified by reviewing the Financial Statements.

Jim Ruderer


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