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 The Ruderer Letter

Jim Ruderer called me at home and asked if he could bring a "letter to the Editor" by and discuss it with me. I asked him if he had read my Editorial where I laid out in detail the Fore Seasons numbers. He said no but would read it as soon as the mail man delivered his subscription copy. Well, the next afternoon Jim called back and said he had read it (my Fore Seasons editorial) and still wanted to bring his letter by to discuss. I said ok and we set a time the following morning.

My first reaction (after reading his letter) was that this guy was announcing for the December Election and this was his platform.

My second was that Jim was making a foolish error by saying the things he said about the Fore Seasons not losing $30,000 per month because part of the amount was a payment to lenders for building the place. What kind of logic is that?

He went on from there to say that we should not worry about the losses at the Fore Seasons because the Golf Course was losing just as much and no one ever complained about that. No one ever complains about the Golf Course Subsidy?

Personally, I think the time has come to stop the carping, the boycotting , the fighting with friends and all of the other petty things that have been going on. We had better all start pulling together and support this restaurant or it will eat us alive before it is over. No pun intended. W.C.

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