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Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees

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Assistant elementary principal added; Construction delay??

Acting on their decision in June to add an assistant elementary principal, the Hawkins Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Charles Lowery to fill the newly-created post at their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, July 5. The board also heard a preliminary warning about the effects of the weather on the $15-million construction and renovation project which is on-going this summer throughout the campus.

Lowery joins Hawkins ISD from Jacksonville ISD. Lowery has a wife and three children. There were 11 candidates for the job. Two new teachers were also hired for the 2007-2008 school year. They are Carrie Linn and Kimberly Boogaerts.

Brice Davis, architect principal of Thacker/Davis Architects, was again on hand to brief board members of the progress on the construction and renovation work on the campus. "Interior renovation work is slightly ahead of schedule," Davis said, "but, site work and new construction are behind schedule because of weather."

Davis indicated that a combination of the very unusual rain pattern that had set in for the past few weeks and moisture problems in the concrete slabs have combined to slow the pace of progress. He indicated moisture problems in the slabs might push installation of floor finishes in renovated instructional areas past the start up of school in August. If such is the case, the work would be scheduled on weekends or during non-use periods, Davis said.

The moisture problem with the existing slabs is being investigated by an independent laboratory Davis reported. "We have pretty well ruled out the water table as a cause of the moisture problem which is evident in all three campuses in widely varied parts of each building." Davis said he expected a report on Tuesday, July 10 which should help define the problem more accurately. He reviewed with the board several prospective options in dealing with the problem including isolating 4-to-6 rooms for super-dehumidification treatment, the use of sealants, and an adhesive that is more moisture tolerant. All of the above were described as adding expense.

Consulting with Davis regarding the critical timing of upcoming deliberations and decisions, the board set Thursday, July 19 at 7 p.m. for a special meeting.

In other action regarding the construction/renovation program, trustees approved two time critical expense items. During the renovation program on the existing structures, it was discovered that repair and reinforcement of the roof decking system would be required for the installation of new air conditioning units. The added cost for this work is $5,923. A change order to install carpet over half the floor (the other half will be covered with tile) in four classroom/laboratories in the junior high school will cost $6,015. The board approved both expenditures. A third construction change item involving the design and flooring materials in the hallway serving the new cafeteria and gymnasium was delayed.

The board also approved a proposal to install security camera system at the high school at a cost of $9,822, $3,000 of which is being funded by loss prevention grants from TASB. Superintendent Rose said the four-camera system could be expanded up to 20+ cameras as funds become available.

Superintendent Dan Rose announced an all-day "bridge-building" staff and board meeting on Saturday, August 4 in the Fellowship Center at Hawkins First Baptist Church.

In other action, trustees:
- approved a right-of-way easement for AEP-Swepco across school property:
- approved an amendment to the SuperNET agreement and acknowledged addition of Tatum ISD as a member:
- approved budget amendments related to 1) governmental commodities used in food service program, 2) salary classification of Technology Director and $6,882 for security camera system for high school;
- adopted TASB policy Update 80 to reflect changes in law enacted by 79th state legislature (with exception of local policy recommendation to be considered at later date).

Trustees are next scheduled to meet Thursday, July 19 at 7 p.m. A special meeting of the board can be called with 72-hours notice.

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