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Dash of Pepper

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The immigration bill - R.I.P.
The Gazette Staff
The travesty called an immigration bill is apparently dead on the Senate floor after proponents lost a vote to force cloture on debate.
There were so many things wrong with this horrendous piece of legislation, it's hard to know where to start. I'll just touch on some of the main points and some little-known, almost unbelievable, aspects of the bill.
As fellow legal immigrant Mark Steyn recently pointed out, "the bill is overwhelmingly a fraud. Its ‘comprehensive solution' to illegal immigration is simply to flip all the illegals overnight into the legal category. Voila! Problem solved! There can be no more illegal immigrants because the Senate has simply abolished the category. Ingenious! For their next bipartisan trick, Congress will reduce the murder rate by recategorizing murderers as jaywalkers."
Here's the part of the bill that really enraged me as an immigrant who went through the system. I'll use Steyn's words because they express my feelings perfectly: "One of the little-known features of the bill is that in order to ‘bring the 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows,' millions of legal applicants would be hurled back into outer darkness. Law-abiding foreign nationals who filed their paperwork in the last two years would be required to go back to their home countries and start all over again. Not only does the bill reward law-breaking, it punishes the law-abiding."
And by the way, when did we start calling illegal foreign nationals "undocumented Americans?" They are neither American nor undocumented. They have lots of documents - bogus driver's licenses, bogus social security cards, fake ID's - you name it, they've got it!
The people who are really anti-immigrant are those who want to send that immigrant from Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia who applied in May 2005 back to the end of the line. Back to my favorite fellow immigrant and columnist, Mr. Steyn: "But then ‘comprehensive immigration reform' is about everything but immigration, subverting sovereignty and national security."
Steyn also reminds us of the 1986 amnesty. "Mahmoud abu Halima applied for it and went on to bomb the World Trade Center seven years later. His colleague, Mohammad Salameh, was rejected but went on living here anyway. John Lee Malvo was detained and released by U.S. Immigration in breach of its own procedures and re-emerged as the Washington sniper." Steyn also adds this enraging point: "The young Muslim men who availed themselves of the U.S. government's ‘visa express' program with Saudi Arabia filled in joke applications - ‘Address in the United States: HOTEL AMERICA' - that octogenarian snowbirds from Toronto who winter at their Florida condos wouldn't try to get away with. The late Mohammed Atta received his flight school student visa on March 11th, 2002, six months to the day after flying his first and last commercial airliner"
All these persons passed through U.S. Immigration in one way or another and it did not matter because our immigration service had not the faintest idea who these men were.
The idea that this agency could begin to process another 12 million people is patently absurd.
As Steyn says, the real immigration fraud does not lie at the feet of the men mentioned above, but at the feet of "the politicians who tried to foist this sham bill on the nation."
This time, the people were not buying it, thank Heaven and common sense.


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