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 1. Call the Meeting to Order
2. Approval of Annual Meeting Summary - November 16, 2006
3. Approval of Regular Board Meeting Summary - January 26, 2007
4. 70-year-old cart path only exemption recommendation
5. Cat Tail Lake well project recommendation
6. Renter's guest ticket responsibility recommendation
7. Fraternization/nepotism policy recommendation
8. Waving dues recommendation
9. Smoking at pools recommendation
10. Emergency temporary guest list
11. Abolish $5.60 road assessment
12. Increase homeowner dues by 6.93% from $80.75 to $86.35
13. By-Laws and Court Judgment is governing documents recommendation

MAY 24, 2007
I. President, Bob Levy, opened the meeting. In attendance was Class "A" Members: Bob Levy, Wayne Hitt, Rebecca Hitt, Jane McMillan, and Michael Hall. Class "B" Members in attendance was: John Sparks, Vice President; Larry Bowman, Treasurer; Jeanette Sterner, Secretary; and Bill Beggs.

 II. Approval of the Annual Meeting Summary held November 16, 2006. There was some discussion. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Summary. The motion passed.

 III. Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes for January 26, 2007. A motion was made and seconded that the Minutes by approved. Discussion was around the "detail" of the written minutes. Bob Levy suggested that the "detail" is provided by the tapes and not necessarily need to be in the minutes. There was some discussion. Jeanette Sterner mentioned that on some topics, detail reporting in the minutes, may be necessary. Larry Bowman made comments to the same. The motion passed.

 IV. 70-year-old cart path only exemption recommendation. It was recommended by the Greens Committee to allow individuals 70 years of age and older to be exempt from the cart path only rule for Sunday and Monday. This rule will allow those 70 and over to drive on the golf course using the 90-degree rule (weather permitting.) Any individual requesting this exemption would have to register with the pro shop and receive a sticker to be attached to their carts. A motion was made and seconded to make this recommendation policy. The motion passed.
V. Cat Tail Lake well project recommendation. It was recommended to provide an easement for construction of a well to pump water into Cat Tail Lake. The construction and maintenance of the well would be the responsibility of the homeowners surrounding the lake and the electric bill would be paid for by HLRA. Rob said that the cost to the association should be less than $300 a year. The homeowners around Cat Tail Lake want this well because this lake dries out during the summer months. A motion was made and seconded to accept this recommendation. The motion passed.

 VI. Renter's guest ticket responsibility recommendation. The current policy is that homeowners are responsible for the tickets of their renters' guests. A renter called the Administration office and asked for this policy to be reviewed. The new rule would remove the liability to the homeowner and place the entire burden upon the renter. If the renter leaves without paying Holly Lake Ranch, the payment for the ticket would not be passed to the homeowner. During the discussion, Jeanette Sterner suggested that since Security keeps track of persons who have received tickets, when a person has received a ticket and not paid, then they could be restricted from coming onto the Ranch until it is paid. Larry said that it is not practical to ask the homeowner to pay for a ticket when he/she does not even know who the renter has enter the Ranch. John noted that renters have guest lists submitted to Security like homeowners. So, again the guest would be tracked in that manner as well and the renter would know that his/her guest would be removed from the guest list. A motion was made and seconded to put the new rule into effect June 1, 2007. The motion passed.

 VII. Nepotism/Fraternization Policy. Rob James said that the Administration would like to put into effect a policy that would prevent a direct supervisor having a family member, spouse or someone who they are dating working for them. He explained that it would not effect anyone in different departments. The new policy would read: "Holly Lake Ranch will enforce a nepotism and fraternization policy for any individual who has a direct supervisory power over another individual. This policy includes but is not limited to hiring of family members or dating of direct line personnel. Any violation of this policy could lead to termination. The policy will be established in May 2007 and recognizes the fact that some employees may have fallen into this category prior to its establishment and therefore would be ‘grand fathered.'" A motion was made and seconded to establish the above stated policy. The motion passes.

 VIII. Waiving of property owner dues recommendation. The general manager recommended that he maintain the ability to waive dues using the following guidelines:
1. Any property owner who is to be foreclosed upon may be given a one-time amnesty as long as they begin paying dues immediately and stay current for one-year. If any lapse of payments occurs, the back dues will be immediately put back in force.
2. Any delinquent property owner who is seeking to sell their property to a reputable individual but is unable to because of back dues may have some or all of their dues waived in order to allow the sale to go through. (The reason for this recommendation is that the property may not be worth the payment of the back dues. In some cases, the amount of the back dues meets or exceeds the price of the property.)
3. The Board of Directors will look at any other situations on an individual basis.

 In the discussion, it was asked if the entire amount is waived or a portion of it. The GM said only a portion. The amount is negotiation point when discussing the pending transaction. It was noted that the association has approximately $200,000 in owed in back dues. Another problem is the $2500 transfer fee for individuals who wish to purchase property in Section III. Plus, if the owner has not paid their dues, an even greater problem is presented to the potential buyer. So, one reason for the recommendations is primarily for Section III. Regular lots with homes will not be considered for the waiver. Again, when the lien is more than the worth of the property in Section III, then the waiver process can come into effect. It was asked if the Association can foreclose, and the answer is no. There were 45 liens last year. It was suggested that the Association contact a lawyer to see if there are any other alternatives available to the Association. One possible alternative is to have the property owners deed the property back to the Association and take over the taxes. It is not desired that HLR get into the real estate business but that option should be reviewed. Larry, as the treasurer, is going to investigate to see if there are any other options available to the Association. Larry asked that the GM report all waiver cases to the Board at the Pre-Board Meeting. This includes new and pending cases, plus actions taken. A motion was made and seconded to adopt the three-phase policy as stated above and to have the GM report all cases to the Board at the Pre-Board Meeting. The motion passed.

 IX. Smoking at pools recommendation. Presently, the main pool is non-smoking and the Section 3 pool is smoking. The main pool attendant would prefer that all 3 pools be non-smoking. The discussion centered on that the one pool does give individuals the option to go there if they wish to smoke. Non-smokers can go to one of the other pools if they object to smoking. The present policy will not be changed at this time.

 X. Emergency temporary guest list discussion. Last year the guest list was limited to 4 people. Occasionally, there are emergency situations that arise that require that residents add more people to the guest list, for example, when visitors are coming to see sick residents who are in the Hospice program. It is recommended that the GM and the Security Chief be permitted to allow individuals on an emergency basis the ability to add up to 6 guests to their permanent guest list. This list will stay in effect for one month and may be extended with a new request from the property owner. A motion was made and seconded to accept the above recommendation. The motion passed.

 XI. Abolish the $5.60 road assessment recommendations. It is recommended that the $5.60 road assessment be abolished and use the general fund to pay for the road improvements. Silverleaf and renters are exempt from such assessments. A motion was made and seconded that this recommendation be accepted. The motion passed.

 XII. Property owner dues increase recommendations. The $5.60 loss from road assessment will be added to the general dues, which are paid by property owners, Silverleaf and renters. This amounts to a 6.93% increase in dues. A motion was made and seconded to increase 6.93% to cover the loss of $5.60. This increase will begin July 1, 2007. The motion passed. Bob Levy told the A Board members to make note of this increase for the Silver Leaf-Holly Lake Resort.

 XIII. By-laws and Court Judgment as governing documents recommendation. Resolved, that the Board of Directors recognize and agree that the By-laws of the Association, as amended through August 28, 2003, and that certain Judgment of the District Court of Wood County, Texas, signed June 29, 1990, copies of which have been furnished to each member of the Board, govern the affairs of the Board and the Association. A motion was made and seconded to accept this recommendation/resolution as policy. The motion passed. These items will be available for current property owner and placed in the newcomers' packets. They will also be place on the website.

 There was no further business. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed.
The meeting recorded, cataloged by number 052407 and available on the HLR website and available in the office of the administrative assistant by appointment only.
The minutes are submitted by Jeanette L. Sterner, Secretary of the Board of Directors.


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