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"Dutch" Looks like a Keeper

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He had nothing to do with the numbers that I am about to share with you. His time starts with July. Good luck "Dutch".

The total responsibility for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that has gone down the drain with this " aminity" rests solely on the shoulders of Rob James and the previous "B" Board who planned and built it by the seats of their pants. It was done in secret with no ones permission and if you dare to discuss it with them, they will quickly tell you, through clinched teeth, that it was never meant to make money.

I got these numbers from the current "B" Board. Sit down, before you go any further as they are shocking. Through the first 6 months of 2007, the Fore Seasons has lost $170,298 and the budgeted loss for that period was $78,000. That means that we are $92,298 beyond budgeted losses. This is real money that will heve to be taken from some other area, such as roads. Since we appear to be committed, let's all eat at the Fore Seasons tonight, and say hi to "Dutch" for me. W.C.



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