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Dash of Pepper

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We must be nuts
The Gazette Staff
More and more these days, I think we must have, as Americans, lost our collective mind. Part of it is that the real news of the day seldom makes it to the front page of the big dailies or the network newscasts, unless it's bad and casts America in a poor light. And, as is often pointed out by the right wing web sites, the left wing sites have gone into a complete "Hate America" mode. Most major polls are slanted. Maybe in a general election, sensible Americans will surface, but right now, the loonies seem to be in charge.
Part of this is the cultural crisis.
For example, the vast majority knows who got off the Island, who won or didn't win American Idol. Pulp magazines and tabloids rack up big sales featuring the substance abuse problems and plain bad behavior on the part to spoiled out-of-control celebrities, most of whom I would never hear of it they didn't misbehave and get their faces on Fox News. I don't go to the movies and never watched the Oprah program. I thought the Paris Hilton was a hotel. By the way, don't these young multi-millionaires have parents? Where are the parents?
Meanwhile, it remains under reported that three American citizens are being held hostage in Iran. The clever but crazy president of Iran vows to wipe the Jews and Israel off the map. He'd do that to us too if he could. Maybe he'll get that chance. The international agency that is supposed to be policing the development of nuclear weapons thinks Iran isn't far from having these.
Hundreds of thousands of people are being either killed or thrown from their homes in Darfur. Terrorist organizations are looking to take over Lebanon.
At home, our Senate rushed through a travesty called an immigration bill, demonstrating their utter contempt for anyone who really wants to see our borders enforced. Illegals walk over with impunity then get all the help they need from our taxpayer-financed federal agencies.
In Washington, the new House of Representatives came in promising to be the most ethical ever and now Congress is back to their old tricks - inserting pork barrel "earmarks" into major pieces of legislation.
Back in New York City, several men who subscribe to the Religion of Peace are arrested for plotting to blow up the jet fuel pipelines leading into JFK Airport. Thank the Lord for the FBI and the NYPD.
Summer is almost upon us. The nation will be busy grilling the burgers, playing at the beach, having a cool one beside the pool. And when autumn comes, we'll go right back to hanging with baited breath to see who gets thrown out of American Idol.
God help us all.
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