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Letters to Editor

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 Letter to the Editor: Volunteers are the saving grace of any non-profit organization. They play an integral part in helping good causes raise money or offer their time in working for them.

Such was the case with the Greater Hawkins Veterans Memorial. On Saturday, May 26th, we held our Annual "Bucket Brigade", and collected much needed monies in both Hawkins and Holly Lake Ranch. We are happy to report that we collected over $2,500.00 in a four hour period. Thanks go to all of you for your donations.

These volunteers ranged from veterans, non-veterans, senior citizens, young people, males, females, and some who served our country from War War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and Iraq. The make-up was unbelievable!

At Holly Lake, our volunteers were: DAN WEBB, LEE BAILEY, JOE CIRASOLA, MIKE FLEMING, JOE BULGAR, ANDY ANDERSON, SNUFFY & CINDY NORRIS, JOHN OTT, TOM EHRENFRIED, BOB KUNSTMAN, JERRY WEEKS, JAMES GODWIN, RON JOHNSON, AND yours truly. The GHVMA wish to extend our deepest thanks to all of these volunteers. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! Roy Bielich

 From Open "B" Board meeting:

First, I would like to thank Bonnie Hardaway for setting the great example on how to present an item on the Agenda at a "Pre B Board Meeting". She had done her research, she gave us background and facts, in a concise, calm, confident manner - gave the solutions to her topic (which I have no doubt will be implemented in the future). People were quiet and actually listened to her. She finished, with an "any questions" and a "thank you". I thank you Bonnie.

The key word in the above paragraph is "LISTENED". Seems there are some peoples on the Ranch, that just don't want to listen - no matter what the topic, or the solutions. I guess you could call it - closed minds. Not only that, they don't want others of us, who wish to listen, to listen either. I do believe I heard the remark, "that's none of your business" said, when a question was asked as to the origin of some offered information. A person might not realize that that phrase, "none of your business" pretty much negates any good that could come from the topic in discussion after that remark.

David Wilson was very gracious, but admitted to us all he had no experience in operating a restaurant, and did the best he could. That's all you can ask of anyone, but if the best you are doing is still loosing us much money, then one has to stop doing the best they can, and someone else has to do better. No one disliked David, everyone loved him. He is a great guy. No need for so much animosity. Simple business decision. "LISTEN".

May I say "thank you" to our seated "B Board". They are an eclectic group with much and varied experience and together they have the "smarts", intelligence, if you will, to do us some very good work. They are working on behalf of HLR members, and are not afraid to say "No", when things are not in our best interest, to anyone. This is refreshing and new to me. We should "listen", to what they have to say - yeah, just give it a listen - you might learn something and, like it. I, also, appreciate the professionalism, graciousness, tolerance and courteousness they practice when they are treated so rudely by a few of our closed minded members. Those who just will not "listen" even for the good of all of the members.

Again, I thank all the "B" Board Members for their caring and sharing.

 Thank you,
Shirley Malone


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