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2,000 years ago we were told to "Love One Another". That there are many people on the planet who are not loving others is sadly true. They love some people; they love people that look like them or that are from the same geographic location as they are or that are of the same social standing, etc. but they do not try to understand and love everyone with spiritual love that can see mistakes and errors being made, but have true compassion for all those who live and breathe. There are still so many whose lives are dominated by strictly materialistic values and who are struggling with all the lower impulses that personalities can be subject to, including thought lives dominated by the illusion of seperative theories or dogma that are rampant in the world today. Those still in the throes of erroneous perceptions of reality fail to see the divinity in themselves and all others they encounter. But limited thinking can be expanded! Hearts can be opened! Mankind can begin to truly "know itself" as an outpost of the consciousness of Divinity and thus each of us is united with all others because we all stem from the same Source.

Are there now enough of us on the planet at this time expressing spiritual love or Goodwill toward one another in our daily lives? Are we truly "loving one another"? If so, perhaps we could be looking for the next ‘keynote' that will be given out for the future.

Perhaps the idea for humanity's future might be expressed as "Unify With Each Other". Only this thought of unity, based on the scientific fact of the Oneness of Life, will begin to make the expression of the Brotherhood of Mankind an accomplished fact on the physical plane. All is energy in some form or other and the entire Universe if one giant energetic expression. We are all a part of it.

It must be expressed in the daily thoughts, feelings and actions of a large majority of people. Brotherhood is not an impossible idealistic vision of the way we would wish things to be, it is a FACT in nature. There is only one human kingdom on this planet and we all belong to it. Once this unification has occurred with enough of us present on the planet, the unifying with the other kingdoms in nature will proceed and world wide recognition of the essential Unity of all Creation can occur. Perhaps the most pressing need at this time in our planetary life is for a majority of people to unify in consciousness with all other humans on the planet so that we may begin working together for the good of the whole planetary life.

If there is to be a tipping of the scales toward expressing the Divinity within us and the practical expression of Brotherhood to become widely accepted throughout the world, it is up to those who KNOW to act now! To fan the flame of Truth wherever we see it being expressed. To throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the battle and to accept the World Task as our own.

Humanity has already developed the intelligence; the love aspect is somewhat present if not yet perfectly expressed; and now our essential Oneness can begin to become an accepted idea in mass consciousness. The failure of many of the world's religions who teach division and seperation to thrive and the fact that they have lost authority over the minds of large numbers of the masses, especially the young people in the world, is testament to the fact that the hearts and minds of many have simply outgrown the old ways of thinking. Thus, a tremendous opportunity for the Light has opened up. Will we recognize this opportunity and act in time to sway the balance toward unity?

If we accept this idea of "Unification with each other" as the keynote or goal to be striven for in the foreseeable future, we will need to carefully plan what steps can be taken and in what order they should be taken, to help bring this subjective reality to the surface of humanity's consciousness and inspire the desire to see it expressed across the globe. This unification requires sacrificing our lower personality prejudices and individual or national grievances for the good of the Whole. A recognition that behind all the outer differences we humans have, the true identity of all of us is identical! That is the job we have been entrusted with: to be stewards and to help the Earth reach it's full potential. 'Team Humanity' can save the world.



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