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The giant sucking sound.

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I was glancing at the letter from a reader, to the right, and he mentioned the phrase "budget constraints" as being the cause of another program being curtailed. What he really was saying is the Fore Seasons has taken another victim down. Listen, you can hear it...the giant sucking sound that is eating up our cash resources that were supposed to be going for things such as roads ect. I have actually heard people say, that the money doesn't count because the Fore Seasons is an aminity, as though the $30,000 per month loss isnot real money for that reason. Are we still losing $30,000 per month? We are into June and I have yet to see a report on what the results for the Fore Seasons were for Jan, Feb, March, April and May. The Gazette would love to be able to bring you those numbers, if we had them. W.C.



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