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Wood County Commissioners Court

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Court OKs credit card/on-line payment of fines, fees & taxes

 Meeting Friday, May 18 in regular session, Wood County Commissioners accepted a proposal from the Wood County Clerk and the Justices of the Peace to install an on-line and credit card payment system for taxes, fines and fees. The court also approved a motion by Roger Pace, Commissioner-Precinct 3 to advertise for bids on timber on 18-acres of property owned by the county in Precinct 3.

For the past several months meetings have been held between elected officials and prospective suppliers for a computer driven payment system. Speaking for the group, Alice Tomerlin, Justice, Precinct-1, recommended Certified Payments as the supplier for the new service. Commissioners accepted the recommendation and voted to move forward. Principal out-of pocket costs for the county will be credit card readers at approximately $69 each at numerous collection points in county offices. The on-line payment service would provide 24/7 service to those who owe a fine, a fee or taxes as well as immediate reporting of the payment.

The county will advertise for bids for the cutting of timber on 18 acres of county-owned land in Precinct-3. Under the proposal, the land would be clear-cut and stumps would be removed. In recommending the action Commissioner Roger Pace said the property would be utilized as a supply source for sand to be used for road material. Bids will be due June 29.

In other action directed to Precinct-3, the court approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Hawkins for labor and machinery to develop soccer fields in Hawkins and entered an interlocal agreement with Wood County Emergency District #1 (Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department) for tax collection services.

Commissioners also heard an annual report for Animal Preservation of East Texas (APET/SPCA), the on-going effort to establish a state-of-the-art animal care shelter for Wood County. APET has 1.) purchased 12-acres of land for future development of a pound facility; 2.) raised $30,000 in funds via grant awards; 3) secured support from three cities, the county and the Wood County Industrial Commission; 3.) established a thrift store in Mineola to help raise funds 4.) offers a low cost spay and neutering service ($20 for dogs and $10 for cats), and collected more than $2,000 in individual contributions.

The court also approved a request from the Wood County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) to accept donations for dog food for the department's four drug dogs-K9s "Mika," "Rico," "Jada" and "Narco.". The donations are offered by various feed stores throughout the county.

In other action, the court approved:
- Payment of claims in the amount of $240,769.10.
- Payroll in the amount of $240,899.37.
- Employee/dependent health claims of $80,935.10.
- Relocation of approximately 350 feet of County Road 1423 at property owners' expense.
- Interlocal agreement with Alba-Golden ISD for Texas Tobacco Compliance Grant.
- Renewal of maintenance service contract with ABA Moriah.
- Accept minimum bid from Winkle Oil Company of Winnsboro at $2.6798/gallon for regular unleaded fuel, $2.3595 for low sulfur diesel and $2.1570 for diesel fuel.
- Accepted a bid of $2,000 for tax foreclosed property in Mineola. Outstanding tax balance stood at $4,001.95.
- Canvassed county-wide May 12 Texas State Constitutional Amendment election (2,361 in favor and 101 against).
- Released $630,000 in securities and approved $770,000 in repurchase securities.
- Date change to Tuesday, June 5, 2007 for sale of surplus equipment from Wood County at Vaughn Auction in Canton.
- Transfer of funds from Budgeted Health Insurance Contingency into Health Plan Fund.
Personnel actions approved included:
- Brenda K. Reeves, resignation, dispatcher, WCSO, 11.94/hour.
- Tracy C. Turner, resignation, dispatcher, WCSO, $12.33/hour.
- Melanie P. Cisneros, new hire, dispatcher, WCSO, $11.94/hour.
- Heather Rae Sumpter, CC Deputy II, reclassification, from $11.60/hour to $11.94/hour.
- Jessica Denise Henson, probationary period ended, part-time county clerk deputy, from $7.50 to $800/hour.
- Reagan LouAnn Smith, re-hire, temporary deputy clerk, $8.50/hour.
- Willie Earl McQueen, re-hire, temporary lake keeper, Precinct 1, $9.00/hour.
- Justin Scott Glenn, new hire, laborer II, Precinct-1 R&R, $11.94/hour.
- Barbara Thompson, re-hire, temporary election worker, early voting, $8.00/hour.
- John Sloan, new hire, temporary election worker, early voting, early voting, $8.00/hour.

The next regular meeting of the Wood County Commissioners Court will be Friday, June 1 at 10 a.m. A special meeting of the court can be called with 72-hour public notice

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