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Dear Texas Congressional Members;

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(sent to both Senators and Max Sandlin)

Recently I have read the sordid story in US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT issue of April 16th, on the deplorable treatment and physical evaluations accorded by the Defense Department and other military agencies as rendered to wounded and physically disabled personnel wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these young people will suffer far more in their continuance of life and family than they would have had they been killed in action.

 This is a most shocking and demeaning revelation of the sordid responses which our country, the most prosperous in the world, is treating our young people who have put their bodies on the line for our country. I urge you, your staff, and fellow members of congress, civic, political or charitable organizations everywhere with whom you are in contact, to bring these deplorable conditions to the public awareness.

 I plan a campaign to contact news media to disseminate this shocking information to the public and I would anticipate and appreciate the responses that each of you undertake to correct and alleviate these conditions. I would be pleased to hear from each of you what exactly you are proposing to rectify this issue. Thank you for your time here.

 Yours truly, Ted Heller, Holly Lake Ranch (letter sent to 8 other papers all over the USA)



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