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Dash of Pepper

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Where's Dubya?
The Gazette Staff
I miss the president that got elected in 2000. I'm talking about the guy who wore a Stetson when he was at Crawford, the guy who went to the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center and told the world they would hear from us, the guy who said things like "Bring it on."
Yes, I realize with Democrats running Congress (barely), you have to go along to some extent to get along. But, really, this isn't about the issues. It's about demeanor. It's understandable that the president would be frustrated by the complexities of the Iraq situation but that doesn't fully explain the altering of his behavior. Moving in the direction of vanilla bland doesn't suit him. He must be uncomfortable with it.
The thing is, I think the advice, bad advice, is coming from within the White House. Are there wussie advisors who are saying "Mr. President, tone it down?" If so, they need to go get a job in a think tank or maybe, sell shoes somewhere.
Is it someone in his intimate circle? If so, they need to attend to other things and let the president be who he is.
I fondly recall seeing George Bush when he was reelected to his second term as governor of Texas. He was outside the entrance to the governor's mansion in Austin, waving to a crowd. He was wearing a pale grey bomber jacket, grey denim jeans, cowboy boots and a grey Stetson. I wish he would don that outfit every day, at every press conference, at every public event. To heck with the European leaders who called him a cowboy. Where I come from, that's a compliment. To heck with the wussies in the mainstream press who think that everyone outside the beltway is a redneck.
The president's approval ratings have sunk to their lowest ebb - not unusual in the later years of a two-term presidency.
I'm betting those ratings would sky rocket if he donned that flight suit once again, climbed into a fighter plane and landed on the nearest aircraft carrier. Or at least pull the Stetson out of the closet, plant it firmly on his head and regain that flinty expression I saw on his face that evening in Austin.
I miss you, Dubya.
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