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What could be more pleasing to a Greens Committee than to watch the golf course "green up" for spring and summer. It is really starting to look nice. A lot of people are doing good work to make this one of the best years possible.

 The response to the distance markers the MGA put on the par 3 tee boxes has been so good they have found a way to go even farther with that project. Beginning soon you will see 11-inch square markers placed in the ground in the middle of the fairway on par 4 and par 5 holes. To begin with there will be a red marker for 100 yards and a white marker for 150. These markers will be laser measured to the center of the green. The blue, white and red stake markers will remain at the side of the fairway as they are now. All markers are there to help you play your best golf and to contribute to taking less time to play a hole. A reminder....plan to attend the member's meeting on Wednesday May 16th.

 The WGA has an ongoing project of dressing up the on-course restrooms. A number of people are involved and when it is all finished we will let you know who did what so you can say "thanks". Extensive repair work has been done on the bathrooms and they should function with no further problems.

 The WGA "9 holers" want you to know they appreciate your patience. They are working on improving their skill level and their overall pace.

 FYI: Decisions regarding cart use on the course are made twice daily. Between 7:00 and 8:00am Clayton or the pro staff will determine cart rules for the morning. Another evaluation and decision will be made between 12 noon and 1:00. It is entirely possible that the morning hours may be cart-path-only but with improving conditions the afternoon can be 90-degree rule. Remember, these rules are designed to protect our course.

 We are now on the grass on the practice tee. We will be on the mats Sunday and Monday and then on the grass the rest of the week. This system is designed to give the grass a chance to grow as we rotate the stations. Please, we urge you to put sand in the divots you leave. There will be small green containers...if they are empty from use there is a larger container nearby. You can always carry your own sand from your cart up to the tee. The more we do as individuals the better it will be.

 Other grass and parking items:
-The area next to the pro shop at the number one tee box is going to be roped off to discourage people parking their carts there and to give Clayton and his people a better chance to have good grass there. There is plenty of parking room as you wait for the shotgun starts..... and if you are playing the hole you should never park on the grass on any tee box.
-For the gold tee players on number 1, to avoid cutting ruts in the grass please park on the cart path and walk the short distance to the tee.
-When playing any hole, if it is necessary for you to park off of the cart path please go to the "out of bounds" side of the path. Protect our rough and fairway areas.
-Another parking request involves the area south of the 19Th Hole. If there is no room in the parking area please do not park on the fairway side of the 18th hole. That can get in the way of people playing the 18th hole in addition to making it hard to grow grass.

 In the near future the wet areas on many of the greens will be drying. In the March report we mentioned the staff was treating our greens for "fairy ring". With the chemical treatment it is necessary to keep the greens wetter than usual. That will end soon.

 We are studying the pros and cons of "overseeding" the course for winter play. No decisions or recommendations have been made. A number of courses do overseed and a number do not. We must decide what is best for our course.

 The drainage projects on the course are moving along. You can see the extensive work that has been done on hole #5 to improve drainage and direction of water runoff.

 Have you read the Rules and Regulations involving the golf course? You signed a statement saying you had, when you paid your yearly dues.

 Do you feel no one asks or listens to your thoughts and ideas? There is a suggestion box just outside the restrooms in the pro shop building. Use it.... but remember, to be taken seriously it must be signed. Jot your thoughts down and drop it in the box. It will be directed to the appropriate person or department.

 More next month...stay tuned.


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